Association of Indonesian Micronations

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Association of Indonesian Micronations
Asosiasi Mikronasional se-Indonesia
Official logo

Headquarters Dredim

Official language Bahasa Indonesia

Membership 8 member nations,
1 Observer

Secretary General Rayhan Haikal of Indokistan

Foundation July 11 2011

Websites Facebook Group

Association of Indonesian Micronations (Bahasa Indonesia: Asosiasi Mikronasional se-Indonesia, Asosiasi Negara Mikro se-Indonesia) or abbreviated as AIM, is an intermicronational organisation consisting of micronations located inside Indonesian sector. It is established in July 11 2011 by two leaders from Indokistan and Los Bay Petros, Nabil Ihsan and Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman. This organization aims for peace and unity among Indonesian Micronations, and has a significant contribution in development of the Indonesian sector.


This organization was established in July 11th 2011, after two leaders, Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman and Nabil Ihsan discussed some foundation for the Organization, such like the logo, goal and other foundations.

Throughout the existence of this organisation, it already experienced few conflicts and mediating conflicts made by their state members. Despite the initial form of the organisation is just to "uniting Indonesian micronations - to form a place to unite them", later the organisation are issuing more decrees and acts for their state members.

Inactivity also once plagued the organisation - all functions were inactive, but an action to reviving it later executed and enforced after a reform program held in January 2013. Changes enforced during the reform including to form a new system, then establishing a security council comprising 3 nations, with 2 permanent, and one are changable.

The organisation held an important role in development of micronations inside Indonesian sector, and on March 2013, AIM just held an election to appoint new secretary general. Indokistan, represented by Rayhan Haikal are appointed as new secretary general, new secretary general was appointed, new actions also will be created, including to form a special commision.


Currently, AIM has 5 members, including 1 observers. All of micronations included in Indonesian sector is become the member.

Flag Nation Date accepted Location Remarks
  Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros 11 July 2011 Jakarta
Founding member of AIM; permanent member of security council
  Republic of Indokistan 11 July 2011 Jakarta
West Java
Founding member of AIM; permanent member of security council
  Sultanate of Al Rasyid Darussalam December 29 2011 North Sulawesi
  Excellent Republic November 2012 Solo
  Republic of Omahkulon 2012 Central Java Non-permanent member of security council
  State of Bascal October 26th 2011 Malaysia Observer

Former members

Flag Nation Date accepted Date left Reason
100px Federal Republic of Santos August 2011 March 30 2012 Dissolved
  Scout Republic of Maloso January 2012 May 2012 Dissolved
  Federated Republics of A1 July 15 2011 Dissolved