Assembly of Micronations Against Communism

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The Assembly of United Micronations is a union of micronations committed to unity, and freedom of micronations and the eradication of communism and socialism within the micronational community, with many member states also devoted to seeing the end of nazism, and all other authoritarian ideologies within the community. The assembly cites as a current example for their ideology "[you] just need to look at the crumbling economic conditions in Venezuela, under its socialist leadership of Maduro, to understand how dangerous this socialistic system is for the freedoms we hold dear.


The group was started by the Republic of Dayane and is now led by the General of the State of Dayane.

Members who are considering joining this active union are encouraged to consult with other leaders of their nation. Joining this group is not to be taken lightly.


Any country who would like to be a member please put your name and link to your micro wiki page here (Please also add an e-mail address so other nations can contact you) (The Republic of Dayane has full rights to remove you from the organization) :