Artemis Lindberg

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Artemis Lindberg (Universan: artemîs lîndberg) is a founder of the Democratic Party of Universa. She is currently running in the Democratic Party (Universa) primaries of 2021.

Artemis Lindberg
Personal information
Birth name Artemis Lindberg
Citizenship Universan
Political party Democratic Party


Lindberg was non-existent up until February 25, 2021, when she became the second plushie created in an attempt to create 100 plushies. Right after she was created, Lindberg began advocating for democratic socialism, which she still does today. Lindberg lost her left eye after being attacked (and later cleared) by two honorary citizens.

Political Positions

Capital punishment

Lindberg opposes capital punishment and has called for its recognition as a human rights abuse and as a crime under international law.


Lindberg heavily endorsed Demain and strongly criticised several far-right plushies for backing it.

Gun control

Lindberg supports gun control and noted guns' part in the 2021 Universa Civil Unrest.

Internet privacy

Lindberg is a main activist of internet privacy and encourages all plushies to use Brave Browser, use the Linux operating system, and always, always clear your cookies.

LGBTQ+ rights

Lindberg fully supports LGBTQ+ rights and has called for full protection from discrimination across the world.