Arnham Crisis

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The Oegstgeest War was a military conflict fought primarily between the Federal Republic of Viadalvia and the Imperial State of Arnham from 21 until 24 december. 2014

Oegstgeest War
Date21-24 December 2013

Viadalvian victory

  • Creation of a Pro-Viadalvian government in Arnham
Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png Viadalvia Arnham.png Arnham
Commanders and leaders
Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png Stein Dros Arnham.png Dennis Cristian
Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png 9 Arnham.png 5

The war was the result of Arnhamese imperialist policy aiming to dominate Steingradpolitically and militarily and to secure its vast raw material reserves and other economic resources, particularly food and labour.