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| website            =  
| website            =  
| commander-in-chief_title = [[w:Commander-in-chief|Commander-in-Chief]]  
| commander-in-chief_title = [[w:Commander-in-chief|Commander-in-Chief]]  
| commander-in-chief = [[President of the Gymnasium State|Jakub Kolbek]]  
| commander-in-chief = [[President of the Gymnasium State|Tomáš Falešník]]  
| age                = 15+
| age                = 15+
| active            = 24
| active            = 24

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Armed Forces of the Gymnasium State
Ozbrojené síly Státu Gymnázium
Flag of the Gymnasium State.svg
Flag of the Gymnasium State, used also as military flag
Founded1 September 2017
HeadquartersSušice-Gympl, Gymnasium State
Commander-in-ChiefTomáš Falešník
Military age15+
Active personnel24
Deployed personnel0
Budget0 USD
Percent of GDP0%

Armed Forces of the Gymnasium State (Czech: Ozbrojené síly Státu Gymnázium), or by its former name Home Defense of the Gymnasium State (Czech: Domobrana Státu Gymnázium), is the armed force of the Gymnasium State.


The concept of military of the Gymnasium State was founded alongside the Socialist State of Gymnasium on 1 September 2017, however it was first specified in January 2018. For time of its existence, the military was mobilized only once between 1 and 17 February 2018, during the Gymnasian-Bohemian Crisis. The Home Defense however still lacked proper structure. The structure was established with the military reform passed 29 August, which also established naval and air branches.


Home Defense of the Gymnasium State does not have its own uniforms. The only common element is a red headscarf, which is worn when the Home Defense is mobilized. The headscarf has been used since 30 April 2019.