Arcelia Subsidium

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{Infobox nation |name = Fiefdom of New Persia |image1 = Blueland.png
Royal Flag |image2 = JE Coat.png
Coat of arms |motto = Hail to the lake |anthem = Coming Home |capital = Lililand |largest_city = Port Ellis |languages = English |religions= |demonym = Phoklandian |government = Absolute Monarchy |head of state = Lord |head of government = |hos_name = Grand Duke James Ellis I |hog_name = |established = 06 January 2019 |population = N/A |currency = USD |web = }}

The Fiefdom of New Persia is a royal state controlled by and led by the House of Ellis. This fief is different from the Phoklandian province that bares the same name as the province is an anti-state where Phoklandian citizens who do not live within the physical borders of the Tsardom of Phokland are assigned upon joining the nation. Contrary to this, the fief is the physical land mass of New Persia.

Arial view of the Fiefdom of New Persia)