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Anti-Sloth Party

The Anti-Sloth Party (ASP) was a Secundomian political party lead by Brennan I. It was a Social Democratic and Democratic Socialist party. Although it stood on the left wing of the broader political spectrum, it was relatively moderate compared to the Worker's Party (WPS) which lead the Revolutionary Coalition the Democratic Republic of Secundomia. The party favors a democratic transition to socialism, and opposes the radical and authoritarian tendencies of the WPS, which ascribes to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

The Anti-Sloth Party
LeaderBrennan I
Founded27 August, 2008
HeadquartersEastern Secundomia
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism
Social Democracy
Political positionCenter-left
Official coloursPale Yellow
Revolutionary Coalition Government
1 / 4




The ASP was founded on August 27, 2015 during the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Secundomia. After King Parker I's abdication, the ASP swept in conjunction with the Worker's Party to establish a coalition revolutionary government. Originally, Brennan I was a part of the Worker's Movement but due to their opposition to totalitarianism and sloth branched off to form the ASP. Although the Worker's Party leadership was somewhat concerned with this development, they found unrest to be unproductive in the young Democratic Republic. The ASP formed a tenative coalition with the WPS to consolidate power.

Inactivity and Dissolution

While the WPS was largely active in leadership of Secundomia, the ASP began to slink away from power in later 2015. The ASP was never officially dissolved, but did not take part in the formation of the FSSR in 2016. The Worker's Party broke the coalition when it evolved into the Maoist-Worker's Party.


In addition to it's opposition to violence, the ASP is strongly against both sloth (as in Laziness) and sloths (as in the mammal.) The reason for this opposition was grounded in Brennan's opposition to their roommate and is criticized in Worker's Party circles as supporting liberal notions of productivity. Several other less radical positions such as opposing violence, totalitarianism and Maoist thought solidify the ASP as the moderate wing of the revolutionary movement in Secundomia. The ASP espoused social democratic reforms and supports the broader move towards socialism in Secundomia which put it to the left of every prior political movement in the First Republic.

Leadership and Membership

At high levels of the party, the ASP consisted of only one member, Brennan I, who also serves as its leader. The ASP's single issue politics hamstrung its growth to a larger political force in Secundomia.

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