Anthems of the Federal Entities of Sunda Raya

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The Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya and its constituent republics each has a national anthem, which is officially referred as state anthem. The anthems was adopted on March, 1 2014 by the regional soviets in each constituent republics. The anthems of federal entities alongside with the State Anthem of Sunda Raya have same legal basis according to the constitution. Therefore, the anthems of federal entities and the state anthem are to be sung in every official ceremony in national or regional level.

Every state anthems of the federal entities of Sunda Raya except the anthem of People's Republic of Sabah and Mindanao has the official lyrics adopted by the regional soviets. The lyrics often reflects the proletarian internationalism, eternal brotherhood with the peoples of Sunda Raya, and the vanguard role of PKP (Communist Party of Parahyangan). Only the anthem of Natuna is uncommon, because it mentions neither Sunda Raya nor PKP. However, it reflects the proletarian internationalism and the worldwide communism.

List of Anthems

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