Andrew Stuller

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Prince Andrew Stuller of the Principality of Curtice

Andrew Stuller
Prince of the Principality of Curtice
Assumed office
10 October 2020
Sovereign of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon Carson Snyder
Predecessor Throne established
Personal information
Born 21 February 2004 (2004-02-21) (age 17)
Toledo, Ohio
Citizenship United States
Northwood-oregon (2).svg Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon
Nationality American
Residence Principality of Curtice, Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon
Religion Norse Pagan

Andrew Stuller is the current Prince of the Principality of Curtice, part of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon. He joined micronationalism with the founding of the Principality of Curtice and is currently active in it and the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon.

Micronational career

Andrew began his micronational career with the founding of the Principality of Curtice after being invited to do so by Carson Snyder.

Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon

In the Kingdom, Andrew founded the Principality of Curtice on 10 October 2020, becoming the first Curtistan to found a member state of the Kingdom. He announced no promise of government for the principality, yet his actions led to the creation of "Chantah's Comedy Club" to entertain the Kingdom.

Current Positions