Andrew Franson

Andrew Franson (born Andrew Franson, 4 November 2005) is a Adonian-American micronationalist, Adonian Socialist/Socialist politician, founder of the People's Republic of Adonia, journalist for the Adonian Press Organization[1] and RadioAdonia[2], General Secretary of the Workers Party of Adonia, Communal Governor of the Longhorn Commune, and holds Premiership of the People's Republic of Adonia

Andrew Franson
Premier of Adonia

Andrew Franson in August-Early September 2021
Premier of Adonia
Assumed office:
7 July 2020 - present
Predecessor Office established
General Secretary of the Worker's Party of Adonia
Assumed office:
18 July 2021 - present
Predecessor Titania Smith
Personal Information
Born 4 November 2005
Joliet, Illinois, USA
Citizenship Adonia
United States
Nationality American
Political party Worker's Party of Adonia
Religion Atheism

Franson enjoys studying politics and listening to mainly political music. Some major interests of Andrew include the USSR, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and People's Republic of China. He also holds an interest in studying Socialism, where most of his musical interest comes from.

Franson is only involved in one micronation, the People's Republic of Adonia. However, though his presence in the community is limited following his letter regarding the Adonian pull from the greater micronational community[3], He has a mere presence in the discord servers of multiple nations, Such as the Republic of The Sohnland.

History in Adonia

Significance in the People's Republic of Adonia

He holds the Premiership of the People's Republic of Adonia, He is founder of Adonia and is one of its best Premier's by far. He has developed Adonia and made it into what it is today as well as what it is known for. He created Adonian Socialism, the state ideology of Adonia. He has opened many opportunities for Adonia and her people. He purchased an Adonian ID, T-shirt, Passport, created a constitution for Adonia (with the help of the President of Dolusia), He has created Adonian culture, taken Adonia through its worst and its best by far. He is known in Adonia as one of its Founding Members as well as one of the best.

Significance in The Workers Party of Adonia

He is the Third General Secretary of the WPA, Serving after being awarded the position by Titania Smith. He has held this position since 18 July, 2020 and so far has been the guiding force for the party. He has pushed the WPA into doing many of its accomplishments such as Friendship and Unity Square, or getting a homemade flag and getting the flag flying outside permanently. He has also been the main guiding force in many policies of the WPA, such as LGBTQIA Protections within the Adonian Bill of Rights in the Constitution, Or the foundation of the Party's ideology, Adonian Socialism.

Personal History


Andrew Franson was born on 4 November 2005 in Joliet, Illinois. He later moved to a town nearby in Illinois after his parents purchased a house on 7 November. His life began exceptionally well, not only was he in a good home but was also healthy.

Ages 2 - 6

Not much is known about Andrew during this time. His parents state that Andrew began to walk at age 2 to "copy everyone else" and that he had no assistance in doing so. His first word is believed to be "Disney" because of his families love for the Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. He also seemed to be more mature than other kids in his school because of the fact he has grown up in a family full of People who are in their 20s-50s. As well as the fact nothing was hidden or sugarcoated for him.

Ages 6 - 12

Not much is known about the Premier from ages 6-9. However, We do know that he was a very interesting child when he was it. He would always have an extreme short temper so anything could make him upset fast. He was reported to have no friends at all. He was bullied very often and a lot from this timeline still effects him today. It is reported that here, he was starting to become smarter and more mature than many students in his class.

At age 12, he had a notebook which had written in it multiple threats against his middle school. Such as "I am going to nuke (Social Worker Name) and (Social Worker Assistant Name)!!" as well as other worse threats. He had a visit from the Police Department of Mokena to figure these threats out as well as to figure out if our Premier had a gun. He was told by a officer that he should be mentally evaluated immediately in which Andrew and his mother obliged. They went to Silver Cross Hospital, where he was evaluated. This is where he found out he would go to Hartgrove Behavioral Health System, A mental hospital located in Cicero, Chicago. He would be diagnosed with an anger disorder. Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED), a type of Impulse Control Disorder.

This trip would ultimately change how he acted and how he was as a person. It would also effect his social life.

Ages 13 - 15

During this time, He started Special Education and had its services until 29 May 2020. He had started to really educate himself in Politics, History and Geography. He first started the ISSR on 14 September 2019. This was also around the time where bullying of the Premier got really bad. Especially due to his Mental Disorder Diagnosis. He has been dealing with Bullying due to him having Adonia, enjoying Politics, singing in other languages as well as Rumors. Most friends he has are on the Discord App and in the Micronational Community as he can't make friends in Person. He, however does get along with Adults better than people his own age. He continues to lead Adonia, even through the thickest trouble. Following the realization that Andrew had an addiction problem to the community, he pulled Adonia from major parts of the community. Following this, Andrew was added to The Fun Gang, a micronational social club. Andrew however decided to leave the Fun Gang in order to focus on himself, and to avoid bringing any dread to the group chat. he was struggling in a depressive state at the time. Andrew in modern time is doing amazingly and continues to do so.

Positions Held

  • Premier of the ISSR, 14 September 2019 - 18 March 2020
  • President of the IFR, 20 April 2020 - May 2020
  • Premier of the DPRA, May 2020 - June 2020
  • Governor of the Adonia Region, CSR, June 2020 - 3 July 2020


Premier Andrew Franson goes under these official titles.

Comrade Andrew, Premier of the People's Republic, Communal Governor of the Longhorn Commune, Marshal of the People's Republic, Protector of the Adonian Revolution and Founder of the Adonian People's Republic


Name of Affiliation Affiliation Emblem Date of Entry
The Fun Gang   07/04/2021 - 30/08/2021


Adonian Star of Kolkatism - Recipient

Reason: Automatically Received as founder of the People's Republic of Adonia. Also due to his amazing work in rescuing the Adonian Nation.

Order of the Hoffmann - Samuel Honor

Reason: "A Sign of many thanks and recognition that the Misberian People hold you (Premier Andrew Franson) in high regard. Thank you for a wonderful ally, great friend and someone whom our younger citizens may look to and see a friend who is their age who exemplifies what it means to be a younger micronationalist" (From Official Letter Awarding Premier Andrew Franson this honor)

Bobwhite Medal of Leadership - Recipient

Reason: "Andrew's work in Adonia, Misberia and in his work in the community." and "Thank you (Premier Andrew Franson) for your hard work and great leadership."

Voldian Medal of Freedom

Reason: "This medal is awarded to you (Premier Andrew Franson) for your work in the community, your work in Adonia, and assisting Voldenstianians"

Officer of the Hero of the Smyrnian State

Reason: "to his (Premier Andrew Franson) close and sincere friendship to the people and government of Smyrna."

Commemorative Medal of the First Anniversary of the Vishwamitran Monarchy

Reason: Wishes of Dhrubajyoti Roy of Vishwamitra

Order of Diplomatic Service Merit

Reason: Wishes of Dhrubajyoti Roy of Vishwamitra


Reason: Showing friendships towards Vishwamitra


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