Anarchic Principality of Adhartìr

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Anarchic Principality of Adhartìr

Saorsa agus Onair
New York State and Jamaica
Capital cityAcharburgh
Largest cityArygal
Official language(s)English, Scottish Gaelic, Faroese
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameAdhartìr
GovernmentAnarchic Monarchy
- Grand PrinceSéamus Mac Eideard
Population14 (subject to change)
Time zoneUTC -4
National sportCurling
National animalGrey Wolf
Patron saintSt. Andrew

The Anarchic Principality of Adhartìr was a micronation founded on 25 September 2014.


Adhartìr comes from the Scottish Gaelic words Adhar and Tìr, Adhar meaning sky, Tìr meaning Land or Nation.


The nation of Adhartìr became defunct in early 2015.

Government and politics

The Grand Prince holds a mostly ceremonial title, and is responsible for providing justice and defense of the nation. There is a core constitution that outlines the rights of all citizens.

Law and order

All cases of law were brought before judges appointed by the people of the nation or the Grand Prince.

Foreign relations


The Grand Prince was protected by the ceremonial royal guard, the nation is protected by a volunteer militia.


The economy was entirely based on trade with and labor in the neighboring macronation the United States.