Amy Augusta

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Amy Augusta
Premier of the Portlandian Soviet Socialist Republic
Assumed office
February 15-November 3, 20201
Predecessor Titania Smith
Successor Mark Olsen
Minister of Transportation
Assumed office
August 28, 2019-November 3, 2020
Predecessor Office established
Successor Steph Larson
General Secretary of the Feminist Workers Union
Assumed office
August 18, 2019-September 29, 2020
Predecessor Office established
Successor Titania Smith
Chairman of the Portlandian Soviet Socialist Party
In office
February 9-November 3, 2020
Predecessor Titania Smith
Successor Titania Smith (disputed)
Personal information
Born 9 September 1996 (1996-09-09) (age 25)
California, USA Flag of California.svg Flag of the United States.svg
Citizenship Cascadia, California, United States
Nationality Cascadian, Portlandian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Political party Witches and Pagan Party (since Feb 2021)
Socialist Alternative (Nov-Dec 2020)
Portlandian Soviet Socialist Party (Jan-Dec 2020)
Cascadian Socialist Party (May 2019-Nov 2020; Dec 2020-Feb 2021)
Spouse(s) Titania Smith (2017-2020)
Residence Tíotáiniam, Portlandian Pagan People's Republic, Cascadia
Occupation Activist, Student, Security guard, Photographer
Religion Wiccan/Pagan, Dougist
Military service
Allegiance  Cascadia
Service/branch People's Green Army
In service 2019-present
Commands Generalissima of the Republic
Battles/wars Cascadian Civil War
Great Patriotic War

Amy Augusta (née Wilde) is a Cascadian politician and feminist activist who currently serve Taoiseach of the Greater Cascadian Republic. A low-key player in Cascadian politics she has served in other Ministries including Education, State Affairs, and Health and Safety. She has served as an executive in the Socialist Party and continues to remain a high-ranking member in its successor, the Witches and Pagan party. In August 2019, she formed the Feminist Workers Union, an independent labor union that seeks to support the working class and empower working women. She resigned as General Secretary in late 2020, succeeded by Josh Graceson as acting leader, and then by Titania Smith. Augusta is also an honorary commissioned officer in the Cascadian Army with the rank of Generalissima of the Republic.

Political Views

Augusta identifies as a feminist and more broadly a socialist. She is opposed to the US treatment of immigrants and is a supporter of alternative, more humane measures. While she does not condone violence, she strongly opposes fascist elements she observes creeping into society. Smith identifies as Wiccan/Pagan and is an ardent environmentalist.


Her Right Honorable Amy Gaia Octavia Californica Oregonia Cascadia Pacifica Augusta, Taoiseach of the Greater Cascadian Republic, Generalissima of the Republic to the Cascadian Army, Order of Victory (OVIC), Order of Military Merit (OMM), Order for Service to the Republic (OSR), Medal for Distinguished Military Service (MDMS), Medal of Courage (MC), Medal of Honor (MH), Medal of Freedom (MF), Order of Valor (OV), Order of Glory (OG), Order of Dorada (OD), Great Californian Order (GCO), Order of the Bear (OB), Order of the Western Gate (OWG), Order of the Pacific (OP), Order of Douglas Fir (ODF), Order of the California Poppy (OCP), Order of Cascadia (OC), Honored Military Leader (HML), Recipient of the Cascadian War Medal, and Hero of the Republic (HR).