Amogus Party (Pontunia)

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Amogus Party of Pontunia
LeaderIan (Cyanide)
Founded20 February 2021
Dissolved21 February 2021
IdeologyBig Tent
Political positionCentrist (Officially)
Official colors     N/A
Seats in the Hochkouncil
0 / 20

The Amogus Party of Pontunia, abbreviated AUP was a political party in the Duchy of Pontunia. It was founded by Ian on 20 February 2021, and eventually lead to the creation of the People's Republic of Pontunia. The party was reformed and then split into the National Alliance of Pontunia and the Free Birds Party.


The name Amogus comes from the meme Amogus.

Party factions

The AUP had two main factions during it's existence, the RS-AUP and the A-AUP.


The Revolutionary Socialist faction of the AUP, also known as the RS-AUP was an interparty group within the Amogus party. This faction was responsible for the proclamation of the People's Republic of Pontunia. Notable members of the party included Leon Montan, Ian, Jeff Pontus, and an unnamed individual from Desert District. Some members of this faction went on to form the National Alliance of Pontunia, while some left Pontunia after the dissolution of the PRP.


The Agitator faction of the AUP, also known as the Abstract faction and the A-AUP was an interparty group within the Amogus party. It comprised mainly of those who were formerly in the Abstract Party of Pontunia before it merged with the Amogus party. McBungus, Hunt P., and Connor Shaw were notable members of the A-AUP. This wing of the party notably was constantly in arguments with the National Centrist Party, the Fascist party, and constantly espoused anti-monarchist messages. Contingents of the faction were involved with the People's Republic of Pontunia. The A-AUP eventually split from a dissolving AUP into the Free Birds Party.


Members of the AUP that were apart of neither clique mostly went on to join the reformed National Alliance of Pontunia or formed other parties.