Amissopian Federation

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Amissopian Federation


Hoc est amissio?

None yet arranged

Official languages
 - Primary


Capital city Madison District

 - President
Presidential Dictatorship
Horatio Eden

 - Charter ratified
July 2nd, 2018

 - Citizens
(2018 figures)



Matthew's Democracy Index

Currency None established

Official metrics
 - Calendar
 - Measurement

Drives on the left

Macronational location United Kingdom

Website [1]

The Amissopian Federation, also referred to as the Federation of Amissopia, the Federated States of Amissopia, or simply as Amissopia, is a self-proclaimed federal republic composed of eleven states and one federal district. At less than one metre square, the nation is smaller than the smallest macronationally recognised state, the Vatican City. The capital is Madison District, and the largest city excluding the district is Meduliana, the state capital of Zenith. Eight states and the federal district are naturally contiguous on the Amissopian mainland; later colonisation of the Beachhead Atoll off the western coast of the mainland created three new states that are only accessible via a bridge from the mainland to the island. The geography and topography is fairly uniform across the board, the territory of the entire nation made of cardboard, with the exception of the area on the southernmost point of the mainland around Lake Venom in the Badlands, which citizens and visitors are barred from entering on grounds of apparent toxicity. The nation is landlocked by the United Kingdom on all sides.

Amissopia is an economically undeveloped nation, with no industry or economy to speak of. Consequently, it mathematically has the world's lowest level of military and welfare spending - indeed, the Amissopian government is totally fiscally neutral, having historically taken in no tax revenues nor performed any form of government spending.

A single government official, the President, wields all legislative and executive power under the Charter, the constituting document of the nation. The current President is Horatio Eden, who took office following a nominal election upon the Charter's ratification on the 2nd of July, 2018. Judicial power is vested in the High Court of the Federation, currently unstaffed.