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American Micronations Union

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The American Micronations Union is a mulinacional micronation organization that comprises only the America micronations.

American Micronations Union



The AMU was officially established on September 6th, 2006 as the North American and the South American Peace And War Organization. The NSPW was founded as result of a conflict between Molossia and the Mustachistans. Known as the The War with Mustachistan. This conflict ended on June 8th, 2006.


  •  Molossia
  •  Mustachistan
  •  Conch Republic
  • British West Florida


The chairman is the principal that commands all the union. There comes the congress, which makes nations live in peace and harmony.

War Times

If there is a mayor war, like colonization and all that class, the other nations are obligated to help this attacked nation.


The Union is also used to help the economy of the affiliated nations, by contributing each one. If there is a crisis in one nation, it is assured to help this nation economically in its problems.

International Treats

The Mustachistan Peace treats was the first treat in the American history. The Glacious treat then appears for the war with the Chilean government because they don't give them their independence. The british florida treaty was used for making an economical change in this micro nation.