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Ambeta Legal Code

"In the Republic of Ambeta, the following laws shall be followed to every extent. Those caught wrongdoing shall be prosecuted and punished by receiving “strikes”. There shall be a varying number of strikes received for each offense, but the receiving of five strikes shall result in exile. All citizens will be entitled the inalienable rights of universal free healthcare, life, liberty, arms, freedom of speech, press, petition, religion and the right to refuse search without warrant or merit. Citizens shall also enjoy the right to abstain from joining the military and transparent governance. In the event of an unfair move by the government, citizens can petition to remove other elected officials from government.

Section 1: Crimes and Punishments Punishment
System for strikes
1 Strike: Fine and/or Level One Community Service
2 Strikes: Fine and/or Level Two Community Service
3 Strikes: 1-5 year Imprisonment
4 Strikes: 5-10 year Imprisonment
5 Strikes: Exile to nearby country

Article 1: Organized Crime (Violations punishable by a min of 5 strikes)

  • Burglary, larceny, rape, arson, murder, embezzlement, threats against the government, extortion, kidnapping, money laundering, and other illicit organized activities will be punished severely.

Article 2: Miscellaneous Crime (Violations punishable by a min of 3 strikes)

  • Illegal immigration, graffiti, invasion of privacy, harassment, and evading the authorities are all illegal.

Article 3: Controlled Substances (Violations punishable by a min of 3 strikes)

  • Controlled substances are only permitted after the age of 18 with the exception of marijuana, which may be consumed at the age of 15.
  • The being under the influence of drugs, alcohol and other controlled substances before obtaining custody of a newborn or drivers’ license is illegal.
  • Controlled substances may not be used outside of a building, individual buildings set their own law.

Article 4: Sanitary and Waste (Violations punishable by a min of 3 strikes)

  • Recycling and composting are mandatory.
  • Disposing of more than 10 pounds of garbage per household per week is illegal.
  • Littering is illegal and is considered an organized crime if done in excess.

Article 5: Foreign Relations

  • In the event of extreme distress or the need of help, the Republic of Ambeta is obligated to become a Protectorate of the NKSC. This means that all resources, claims and population will become the property of the NKSC, but the Preon at the time of distress may veto or approve their uses.

Article 6: Miscellaneous

  • New policies, laws and regulations can all be petitioned to be added to the legal code of Ambeta.
  • Citizens can petition to remove elected officials from a place of government, with a minimum of 200 signatures.Corporations and other groups receive one signature for every five members that operate in Ambeta.

Article 7: Firearms and Munitions

  • To purchase or own a firearm one must complete mandatory safety course and exam.
  • Prior to purchase, one must complete a week long identification verification and background check.

Article 8: Transportation

  • All forms of motorized transportation are prohibited in city, with the exception of human powered transportation, such as carts, bicycles and and dancing.
  • Electric vehicles are allowed outside of city limits.

Article 9: Population limits
Ambeta maintains strict population density limits to ensure a peice and a chaos free nation.

  • 300 people/square acre is the maximum population density."