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Ambassador (Landland)

Ambassador is a government title given to those in the Landland government who are either the following: close friends with the dictator in power, and or have proven themselves to be vital assets to the state. Ambassador is higher than a citizen but lower than "Thy honorable general". They none the less are still very powerful in Landlandian caste system

Ambassadors are responsible for the following...

Representing Landland in diplomatic scenarios where the dictator is not present, moderating Landland owned web pages, leading the country as a collective when the dictator and or general is out of commission, doing all other government tasks not already being performed by the dictator or general, and are in charge of boosting morale.

Ambassadors can also have specialized jobs such as The minister of culture (in charge of organizing all national festivities) and chief secretary to the power (the ambassador chosen to speak for the dictator and the general in times of need).