Alternative English Romanization System

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The Alternative English Romanization System (AERS) [AERS: (ĀÎRS)] is an alternative system of romanisation for the English language; as of time of writing six nations have backed it, according to T̂û Krīyēītêr. (The creator of the system)



The Alternative English Romanisation System consists of 35 letters. (10 vowels and 25 consonants excluding syllabics)


Software exists for writing the romanisation system, due to it featuring many diatracts, an on-screen keyboard has been developed named the "AERS Keyboard"

For those unable to install the application, the discord chat provides emojis for additional characters. (uppercase)

All characters are accessible on Unicode.

An image demonstrating the AERS On-screen keyboard and AERS Discord emojis in action on the official discord.

List of Places using the system

From earliest to latest recognitions:


Singular words

Alternative English Standard English
ŌKēī Okay
tîKîT Ticket
Âjêl Agile
Pîr Pier
Fîŋgêr Finger
Kēīv Cave
Ēânû, Ânû, Ēânû Anna


Kēĉîŋ wīrī wātêrfâūwêl 'ān t̄în

āīs gîvz sêrlī pōlêr bērz

hyūj plēĵêr 'ēând înŝêrz t̂ēī

înjōī gôd mīt ûnhārmd.

Catching weary waterfowl on thin

ice gives serli polar bears

huge pleasure and insures they

enjoy good meat unharmed

Links (AERS Discord Server)