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These are the Departments in the Commonwealth of Altavia.

Chancellor's Cabinet

The Chancellor's Cabinet is a collection of all the ministers in Altavia, and help the Parliament and Chancellor decide laws.

Department of External Affairs

The Department of External Affairs is the Altavian organisation for diplomatic relations with other micronations and macronations. Contact the Commonwealth Foreign Ministry on Discord as MaChaiTea #6250 if you want diplomatic relations with us. It is lead by the Minister of External Affairs.

Department of Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs is the organisation for diplomatic relations within the country. It gives citizenships and passports

Department of Science, Agriculture, and the Environment

The Department of Science, Agriculture, and the Environment is the Altavian environmental, scientific, and agricultural organisation. They control the scientific research and environmental protection, and keeping Altavia in accordance with the Paris Agreement. It also controls all agricultural related affairs in the nation. Lead by the Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Science.

Department of Law

The Department of Law is the Judicial Branch of Altavia, and decides on court cases and enforces laws. It is lead by the Chief Justice of Altavia.

Department of Finance and Labour

The Department of Finance and Labour, is the Altavian organisation for educational and labour matters. It insures peace between workers, registering businesses, registering unions, minting the Oszau (₾), regulating working conditions, overseeing the national treasury, and managing the economy. It is lead by the Ministers of Finance and Labour.

Commonwealth National Bank

The Commonwealth National Bank is the national bank of Altavia. It allows citizens to exchange USD for Oszau. It is lead by the Minister of Finance.

Altavian Parliament

The Altavian Parliament is the body that makes laws in Altavia. It is lead by the Chancellor and the two Marshalls, and has 10 Premiers (including the Marshalls, but excluding the Chancellor).