Alphadom Of Khager

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This nation has been dissolved and reinstated as the Empire of Khager. Kindly type Empire of Khager and read information from there.

Empire of Khager

A nation established by His Majesty Shihab Ahmed. He intends to expand this nation into a macronation but as for now it is content with being a micronation. The Empire of Khager is a successor State to Alphadom of Khager.


The imperial subjects of Khager have lots of civil rights and securities not found anywhere else. The Epsilon Residents are also subject to the Imeprial Laws. His Majesty has the authority to confer " Persons with Khagerian Interests " on any individuals.

Population Structure

Currently the population is in flux . It is 100 per cent educated . It has no national language or religion. The Imperial Subjects have the right to speak whatever they want. The official language right now is English. We will establish a website soon to have a sovereign virtual territory. The Emperor presently resides in Oman.

Taxation Policy

They have to pay no tax as the State earns by State Controlled Industries (present number : NIL) or Tributes. Tributes can be donated by anybody. Conflicting decisions are resolved by His Majesty alone.


At moment the Empire of Khager claims the Demios and Phobos, the moons of Mars.( It is not a signatory to the Outer Space Treaty) .The Empire of Khager plans to buy territory on Earth in future to establish a sovereign territory on Earth.