Alfie Johnson

Alfie Johnson(born 19 March 1986) is a Mimasian politician and the Minister-President elect of Mimas. He is the leader of the Despotic Front Party since 2020.

Alfie Johnson
Alfie Johnson.jpg
Johnson in December 2020

Assumed office 
30 March 2020

Born 19 March 1986 (1986-03-19) (age 36)
Manila, Philippines
Political party Despotic Front Party
Occupation Politician

Early life and career

Alfie Johnson was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. After college, Alfie worked for a company producing ball bearings. In 2019 he learned about the world of micronations after seeing a YouTube video on the subject. Alfie first sought to create a micronation of his own, but later choose to join an existing one. He found the Archduchy of Mimas and applied for citizenship in 2020.

Political career

During Johnson's first months as a citizen of Mimas he spent a lot of time learning how the political system worked. He found the current political parties in Mimas lacking in activity. On 30 March 2020 Johnson founded the Despotic Front Party. At first it was planned to be a left-wing party, but after speaking to some of the constituents he decided to allow a broader spectrum of views. Today, the Despotic Front Party is the only big tent party registered in Mimas. Johnson and the Despotic Front Party were at a poll made in October 2020[1] the second largest party in Mimas.

2021 Election

In the 2021 Parliamentary Election the Despotic Front Party gained 35,7% of the vote, the exact same amount as the Mimasian Monarchist Party[2]. After attempts of negotiations with the Mimasian Center Party fell through one of the politicians switched party and the Despotic Front Party was officially the largest party. This led to Johnson meeting with Lia Lovisa Rudh, 1st Marchioness of Frerona digitally and the two party leaders formed a political alliance. On 30 March 2022 Johnson is planned to assume the office of Minister-President of Mimas.


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