Alex Halbesleben

Alex Halbesleben is the Count of the County of Moriskval. He took office on the 24th of September of the year 2019. He was also the former Treasury Minister of the Phoklandian Free State.

Alex Halbesleben
Count of Moriskval
Assumed office
24 September 2019
Predecessor Established
President of Ponderosa Hills
Assumed office
8 August 2019
Premier Leon Montan
Predecessor Sixy Montan
Governor of Northarctica
Assumed office
12 May 2019
Tsar of Phokland Charles I, Tsar of Phokland
Predecessor None
Prime Minister of Astropolis
Assumed office
July 21, 2019
King Astral I
Predecessor Russel Gilzem
Emosian Minister of the Interior
Assumed office
20 June 2019
Emperor of Emosia James Ellis
Predecessor Unknown
Speaker of the House of the OAM
Assumed office
30 June 2019
Speaker of the House of the OAM Logan of Aenopia
Predecessor Logan of Aenopia
Central Committee of the Socialist Worker's Party of Ponderosa Hills
Assumed office
12 June 2019
General Secretary Leon Montan
Minister of Events of the OAM
Assumed office
26 July 2019
Predecessor Established
Pope of the United Church of Bob
Assumed office
July 28, 2019
Predecessor Established
Personal information
Born 21 February 2006 (2006-02-21) (age 15)
Columbia, Missouri
Birth name Alexander Becker Halbesleben
Citizenship Moriskvalian
Nationality Moriskvalian
Residence Morisk, Moriskval
Religion Bobism
Nickname(s) Alex

Early life

Alex lived a normal life. He moved from Missouri to Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Alabama.


Alex first became involved in micronationalism in May. Two friends jokingly described a small piece of concrete as a country. He expanded on their idea and founded Qaflana. He soon took became Emperor and began rapidly expanding his country’s territory.


The reign of Alex has been a successful one. He has expanded the borders of Qaflana, made treaties, and made the country better. Alex is the longest-standing Emperor in Qaflana’s history.