Aleunnic Workers' Republic

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Aleunnic Workers' Republic
Flag of Aleunnic Workers' Republic
Motto: Solidarity, Strength, and Revolution!
CapitalRed Heights
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentSocialist Republic
• Premier

The Aleunnic Workers' Republic is a socialist micronation located in the US state of Rhode Island. It was formed out of a section of territory governed by Faltree.

Politics and Government

Within the state there is but one political party, the Aleunnic Workers' Party which is the official party of the republic. The party, state, and military are lead by A.Y, who acts as the figurehead for the republic.


The official military of the Aleunnic Workers' Republic is the Glorious Aleunnic People's Army. It contains one infantry regiment.

Geography and Climate

The Aleunnic Workers' Republic is situated in a raised rocky area, with coast nearby. There are multiple trees and plants to be found within the borders of the republic. Due to its' closeness to the coast, the Aleunnic Workers' Republic is often windy and chilly.

A view of the heights