Aidan von Fritz

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Aidan von Fritz is the leader of the Libertarian party of Kingdom of Wynnland


  • Foreign Ministry Reform Act - Passed 5-0
  • Amendments Act - Debated on in the party
  • The Parliamentary Library Act - Failed by 1 vote 3-4
  • Repräsentantenhaus Act - Debated on in the party and changed to the Senate Act
  • Senate Act - Presented but not voted on
The Marquess of Fritzly
Prime Minister of Wynnland
In office
4/02/2021 - 5/14/2021
King Maximilian I
Predecessor Sir Gabriel Sebastian
Successor The Count of Denton
Member of the Unterhaus
Assumed office
King Maximilian I
Prime Minister The Count of Denton
Personal information
Citizenship Wynnish
Political party Libertarian Party
Residence Texas
Religion Lutheranism
Libertarian Party of Wynnland