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Agua Brilliante National Park

Agua Brilliante National Park
Established October 2008
Location Keystone, Petorio
Nearest city Palmyra Creek
Area About 250 m²
Visitors 7 in 2008
Governing body Petorian Government

Agua Brilliante National Park is the larger of the two national parks in the Republic of Petorio. Located in the province of Keystone, it was created in October 2008 by president Kalvin Koolidge in an effort to preserve wildlife in Petorio. Its governing body is the Petorian Government. Agua Brilliante National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Republic of Petorio.

Land & Wildlife

An official sign promoting the national park.

Agua Brilliante National Park reserves more than 250 m² (2.690 sq. feet) of land consisting of Red Maple, Evergreen, Red Oak, Pine, and even Apple Trees. It also has a large creek (Palmyra Creek) in which fishing is permitted in. The large forest also has many dangerous plants and, like Bosque National Forest, Poison Ivy. Agua Brilliante has a large variety of wildlife. Some animals include Red-Headed Woodpeckers, Spotted Owls, Pigeons, Groundhogs, Gray Squirrels, and Toads. There are also several species of Fish. There are 3 main paths for visitors to walk along.