Aftermath of Minnesota War 2

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When Minnesota War 2 ended there was many huge changes, this article is to list the aftermath

  • Fascist Seldavia annexes Federal Republic of Seldavia
  • Hayden Territory of United Ocean States is a Seldavian puppet
  • Eastern Delphian states would be become a Seldavian puppet
  • East Simiana is a Seldavian puppet
  • Noastan Territory was a Seldavian puppet
  • Cabingrad city now belongs to Fascist Seldavia
  • East part of Astain Delphia was a Seldavian puppet
  • Grovepark was annexed by Imperial Sondonesia
  • Craldonia, Green Mountain Republic, and Drietsland lose territory and was given to Sondonesia
  • Western Delphian States would become a Sondonesian puppet
  • West Simiana was a Sondonesia puppet
  • West part of Astain Delphia was a Seldavian puppet
  • West part of United Hazelwood was annexed by Sondonesia
  • Cornerstone Territory of Natlin was a Sondonesia puppet
  • Salona Territory of United Ocean States was a Sondonesia puppet
  • Ernland Territory was annexed by Sondonesia
  • Imperial Sondonesia annexes Sandburg Territory of Delphia
  • Delphian Territory’s Phalen and Parkway was annexed
  • East part of United Hazelwood was annexed by Borduria
  • South of Ivy was annexed by Borduria
  • A neutral zone in the middle of Delphia
  • Natlin keeps Mobzen

Supplies like water, military equipment, light bulbs, battery’s, etc was handed over to the fascist nations. Delphian President Victor Rubio signed the Treaty of Marlin and Chief of Staff General informed the soldiers that Victor Rubio ceded power to Seldavia, Sondonesia, and Borduria. Soldiers in eastern Delphia had two choices and one was submit to the reich, have good things for them ,and receive more food and essentials or face beatings. Soldiers in the western Delphia also faced this decision. Federal States of Delphia military and other allied military’s was disarmed by Fascist Seldavia and Imperial Sondonesia. In the coming weeks huge changes would come to the defeated allied micronations, Delphia was split in two by the Sondonesia Empire and the Seldavian Reich. In east Simiana it was a Seldavian puppet state same goes for Ocean Territory, Astain Territory, and Noastan Territory. Mobzen was also a Seldavian puppet state. West Simiana was a Sondonesia puppet state same goes to Ocean territory and Natlin territory. The three fascist nations cracked down on resistance groups and spreaded propaganda. They also had intense surveillance on their people especially in their puppet states. Freedom was suppressed by the fascist nations until when West Delphia declared independence from Sondonesia in April 2020 then eventually the three fascist nations fell. The complete fascist dominance ended in August 2020 with Seldavia remaining the last powerful fascist nation