Aenderian Action Party

The Aenderian Action Party is a party that was started by former chair Henry Goebbels and is now currently headed by Jayden Dagsa who is one of the candidates for the Aenderian Republic Election.

Action Party
Aenderian Action Party
Party ChairJayden Dagsa
SloganLibertas sit amet
FoundedFebruary 2021
HeadquartersNorth Clovis, Aenderese Republic
NewspaperThe Changing Times
Membership  (2021)1
IdeologyProgressivism, liberalism
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationAenderese Republic
Official colors     Yellow


The party was started as a Center-Authoritarian Party by Henry Goebbels, although this was not made entirely clear to the public, explaining why Jayden Dagsa joined. Goebbels later abandoned the party to join the Christian Fascist Party, and as the only other member of the Action Party, Jayden Dagsa took over as the chair.