Aenderia under Russell Gilzem

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Republic of Aenderia



Flag FlagCoat of Arms Coat of Arms

Make love, not war
Capital cityJyilzyem
Largest cityJyilzyem
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Judaism
- PresidentRussell Gilzem
LegislatureAenderian Law Congress (ALC)
- Type - Unicameral
Established2 June 2018
Disestablished24 October 2018
Populationcensus pending
Time zoneEastern

The Republic of Aenderia was a micronation which existed from June 2 to October 24 of 2018 after the 2018 Aenderese Political Crisis, sparking major conflict which lasts to this day. The Republic of Aenderia was thus renamed to the Aenderese Republic and the government split into two on 6 October 2018 when the former President Russell Gilzem had enough and seceded from Aenderia. The main cause for this secession was thought to be the President at the time, Horatio Eden, who later neglected the country and stepped down when allegations rose. Former allegations of sedition were imposed on Eden, but allegedly denied. After the negligence of Aenderia, it was thought that sedition did occur in Aenderia.


The name "Aenderia" was made up out of thin air. However, after a few searches online, the name "Aenderia" is supposed to represent "diplomacy for the core" and "Ensuring peace and creating balance for all the involved parties." It also represents "Able to meet all situation with ease. If somebody tries to limit your freedom in any shape or form it is not appreciated." The name was officially chosen by the first Presydent, Russell Gilzem.

As of October 24, 2018, Aenderia did change its name to the Aenderese Republic using the suffix of "-ese". Similar as before but used the suffix to indicate the revival of Aenderia.

On November 30, 2018, a separatist movement named the Original Republic of Aenderia was established by Jay Clover I and Russell Gilzem to bring back old Aenderia and take it away from the current Aenderese Republic.



Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideaologies Legislature
Democratic DPA DPA.png Russell Gilzem Left-wing Democratic
1 / 5


Name Photo Term Party Notes
Russell Gilzem RussellGzm.png June 2, 2018 - September 22, 2018 ; September 24, 2018 - October 6, 2018 DPA.png Temporary removal due to ALC vote. Refuses to give up position as Presydent, seceded from Aenderia which ultimately cost him his job.
Horatio Eden Horatio.jpg September 22, 2018 - September 24, 2018 (disputed) ; October 6, 2018 - October 20, 2018 Vote for me thanks.png Became the new Presydent of Aenderia.
William Efton Captureinliberals.PNG October 20, 2018 - October 23, 2018 Alp logo.png Became the new Presydent of Aenderia after Eden stepped down and resigned due to inactivity within Aenderia. Stepped down after 3 days shortly after multiple expositions by Russell Gilzem. Real reason unknown.
Jayden Lycon S55.png October 23, 2018 - October 27, 2018 Alp logo.png Former Speaker of the House, appointed new Vice Presydent after Efton became Presydent. Became Presydent after Efton stepped down.
Russell Gilzem RussellGzm.png October 27, 2018 - DPA.png Overthrew Aenderese Republic, reestablished Republic of Aenderia.

Vice Presydents

Name Photo Term Party Notes
Lord Lewis MikeLewis.png September 22, 2018 - September 25, 2018 Vote for me thanks.png Sworn into office alongside Horatio Eden, resigned after government of Aenderia was in political crisis.
William Efton Captureinliberals.PNG October 6 - October 20 Alp logo.png Horatio Eden's running mate, became new president of Aenderia after Eden stepped down
Jayden Lycon S55.png October 20–23, 2018 Alp logo.png Former Speaker of the House, appointed new Vice Presydent after Efton became Presydent. Became Presydent after Efton stepped down.
William Efton Captureinliberals.PNG October 23, 2018 - October 27, 2018 Alp logo.png Appointed as VP by Jayden Lycon.
Jay Clover I N/A October 27, 2018 - DPA.png Became VP after Aenderia was taken back by Gilzem.


Aenderia has an official discord server. Most citizens must be in the discord server. The link is here: Discord

Join it for news about the nation and others.

Aenderia has one source.


Aenderia did not have a military for a long period of time until the Efton era when one day he initiated war with Auvenum. The current military, now managed by Chau Khang, as a small base in New Hanoi where defense decisions are made.


Exports: After Gilzem overthrew the Republic of Aenderia, agriculture and fishing have returned to Aenderia.

Administrative Regions

The Original Republic of Aenderia is headquartered in Cyntell.

Name Flag Capital Color
Cyntell Cyntell Flag.png Cyntell

Foreign relations

Unilateral recognition

Formal Recognition

Aenderia Does Not Recognize

  • Palestine - Aenderians believe it is nonexistant
  • Flag of the Islamic State.svg.png Islamic State - considered as a terrorist organization
  • Andany - Rudeness and negative criticism towards developing micronations; defrauder; lying

National Holidays

Date Name Notes
2 June День основания The day Aenderia was founded
22 September Election Day Every year, new elected officials are brought into the Republic of Aenderia via election.
31 December New Years Eve The Aenderian "Christmas Eve"
1 January New Years Day The start of a New Year.