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| 3
| [[First Shore]] (Setselond)
| [[First Shore]]  
| 2
| 2
| [[Second Shore]]
| [[Second Shore]]
| 2
| 2
| [[Szåtónlond]]
| 4

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Copan is split into many semi self-autonomous regions, there are 4 levels of these administrative divisions.

Level of Administrative Division Name
level 0 Region (See below)
level 1 Province
Level 2 Prefecture
Level 3 County
Level 4 Township


Regions are the highest level of Autonomous division in Copan, however they hold no power over regional governance, they exist solely for geographical and categorisation purposes. There are currently 4 regions of Copan

Name of Region Consists of
Inner Copan The original provinces of Copan from the 2nd era.
Outer Copan The provinces integrated into Copanic rule, following the first expansions by Emperor Ceboku.
Selond The northernmost provinces of Copan.
Brothok (Broþæg) The Provinces situated around the river which flows through Copan
Donev The region to the South-West of Copan. Previously the whole area was under Copanic control. Now split as one of the provinces declared independence from Copan.


Provinces are the second highest administrative division, provinces each have a council, of which members will be elected to join the National Council, or become the Prime Minster. Most provinces are defined by historical boundaries between tribes and previous nations. There are currently 13 provinces, with one disputed territory.

Name of Province Region
Ccentyyrrholm Inner Copan
Motherlands Inner Copan
The Promised Lands (Chasolenlond) Inner Copan
The Crossing Lands (Krosziiglond) Inner Copan
Fabon (Orontonia) Inner Copan
Lower Copan (Stoklond) Lower Copan
The Farmlands (Fejlond) Lower Copan
Upper Woodlands (Majwodanlond) (Disputed Territory) Lower Copan
Lower Woodlands (Miiwodanlond) Lower Copan
Dagenlond Selond
Regenslag Brothok (Broþæg)
Lower Brothok Brothok (Broþæg)
First Shore (Setselond) Selond
Second Shore Selond
Szåtónlond Selond
Hæltalond Donev


Provinces are split into prefectures, except Ccentyyrrholm which is split into Prefecture level Districts. Prefectures are what the Copanic Voting Zones are based on, with a more or less 1:1 correlation in most cases. Prefectures are mostly defined by geographical boundaries.

Name of Province Number of Prefectures
Ccentyyrrholm 5
Motherlands 2
The Promised Lands (Chasolenlond) 2
The Crossing Lands (Krosziiglond) 5
Fabon (Orontonia) 7
Lower Copan (Stoklond) 6
The Farmlands (Fejlond) 9
Upper Woodlands (Majwodanlond) (Disputed Territory) n/a
Lower Woodlands (Miiwodanlond) 7
Dagenlond 3
Regenslag 2
Lower Brothok 3
First Shore 2
Second Shore 2
Szåtónlond 4