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Administrative divisions of the Dale Republic

Map of Dale Republic.png

The territorial organization of the Dale Republic is regulated by the Dale Montering, which organized the Dale Republic into 3 autonomous districts, Woking district, Kingfield district and Horsell district. The 3 districts were further split into 9 smaller Provinces.

The Dale Republic also contains 4 cities, Woking City, the City of St. John's, Horsell City and Kingfield City.



Flag District Capital Party Leaders Notes
  Woking Woking City Capital district and city
  Kingfield Kingfield City Liberal-Conservative Party James Hunt Cultural Capital
  Horsell Horsell City


Dale Republic cities are determined by them being an area of political, cultural or economic significants, this would usually refer to distict capitals. However the City of St. John's is an exception because of its cultural and economic significant as home of the Dale national football team and long border with the Basingstoke(or Woking) Canal.

Flag City District Local Minister Notes
  Horsell City Horsell
  Kingfield City Kingfield James Hunt
  City of St. John's Woking
  Woking City Woking Capital City


Towns are determined as areas with political or economic significant but are too small, not determined as or not considered cities. The most common reason for a town is because it is a border town. However they are also choosen because of population or usefulness of the town.

Woking district

  • Berry Town - Border Town
  • Brookwood - Border Town and Train Station
  • Jacobswell - Border Town
  • Knaphill - Population
  • Woking Castle Green - Border Town
  • Worplesdon - Train station

Kingfield district

  • Byfleet - Border Town
  • Parvis Town - Important Infrastructure and Border Town
  • Pryford - Border Town
  • Old Woking - Border Town
  • West Byfleet - Train Station

Horsell district

  • Sheerwater - Border Town
  • Woodlands Town - Border Town


Villages are determined as low populated areas to low significance or importantance in terms of politics, culture and economics.

Woking district

  • Heath Village
  • Hook Heath
  • Mayford
  • Sutton Green

Kingfield district

  • Maybury
  • Pyrford Green
  • Westfield


Communities are determined as high population ares without significant Infrastructure but have some politics, culture and economics importantance.

Woking district


Outposts are determined as extremly low populated areas normally consiting of houses along a single road and have no politics, culture and economics importantance.

Woking district

  • Carthouse
  • Chobham Outpost
  • Woking Castle Green

Horsell district

  • Horsell Outpost

Overseas territory

Flag Territory Leader Notes
  Scott Island district President of the Dale Republic

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