Administrative divisions of West Antarctica

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State of the People of West Antarctica consists of 3 administrative units (two regions and an autonomous entity representing the capital city of the Republic).

Administrative units

There are 3 administrative units of the State of the People of West Antarctica, 2 regions and Capital Territory.


Code Name Flag
1 Booth Island Nfbi.jpg
2 Marieland Flagwa2010.jpg

Capital Territory

CT is a one of 3 administrative units of the State of the People of West Antarctica.

Flag Name Area
Fctwa.jpg Capital Territory
*CT is located inside the green area

Statistical Regions

The statistical regions are a level of administration for the convenience of the State Bureau of West Antarctica. They are not the constituent units of the State.

Area Name
Sr1.jpg First Statistical Region
*First Region is the territory of CT, located inside the yellow area; Since March 21, 2010, Booth Island is also a part of this Region
Fedreg.jpg Second Statistical Region