Administrative divisions of Vishwamitra

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The State of Vishwamitra is a federal absolute monarchy functioning under six provinces and four towns. The six provinces are governed by the Rajpramukhs, or provincial rulers which is a hereditary position, while the four towns are governed by the Governors, who are appointed by the Rashtradhyaksh on the advice of the Rajpramukhs and serve in office on the pleasure of the Rashtradhyaksh.

The Rajpramukhs serve as the executive head of their respective provinces, while the Governors govern the towns and report to the Rajpramukh of the State in which the town falls. The Governors are not directly allowed to report to the Rashtradhyaksh and hence they report to the Rajpramukhs, as the Rajpramukhs are the ceremonial head of the towns, while the Governors serve as executive head of government.

Provinces and towns of the State of Vishwamitra


The Provinces are the highest federal administrative units in the State of Vishwamitra. Due to the nation being a federal monarchy, the provinces play a pivotal role in the nation's administration. The five provinces are administered and ruled by a hereditary absolute monarch called the Rajpramukh, who serve as both the head of state and head of government in the provinces. The sixth province, Basistha is ruled by an elective absolute monarch who is elected by the other ruling provincial monarchs of the nation.

The rulers of the six states along with the Prime Minister collectively form the Conference of Rulers which plays an important role in the election of the Rashtradhyaksh which takes place after every three years. The provincial rulers are termed to be powerful due to their role and privileges in the election of the Rashtradhyaksh.

Flag Name Emblem State code Capital Citizens Official language(s) Government Leader
Purvanchal.png Purvanchal Purvanchal Coat of Arms.svg PUR Rajagriha 10 English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Romanian, French Hereditary Absolute monarchy Rajpramukh
Dhrubajyoti Roy
Beltola (2).png Beltola Tanishkaa Patranabish-Monogram.png BLT Brikshasthana 11 English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese Hereditary Absolute monarchy Rajpramukh
Tanishkaa Patranabish
Flag of Uttaranchal.svg Uttaranchal Bishnu Chetry-COANew.png UTR Gotanagar 7 English, Hindi, Nepali, Bengali, Assamese Hereditary Absolute monarchy Rajpramukh
Bishnu Chetry
Flag of Madhya Prant.svg Madhya Prant Arnab Sil - Badge.png MPR Navanna 8 English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese Hereditary Absolute monarchy Rajpramukh
Arnab Sil
Flag of Kamrupa (2021).svg Kamrupa Anirban Phatowali - Badge.png KMP Dadara 5 English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese Hereditary Absolute monarchy Rajpramukh
Anirban Phatowali
Basistha (2).png Basistha TBD BAS Basistha City 6 English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Urdu Elective Absolute monarchy Rajpramukh
Mohammad Mridul Amin

Capital cities

The capital cities are the capital regions of the provinces of the State. The capitals are governed by the Mayors who are appointed by the Rashtradhyaksh on the advice of the provincial rulers. They serve in office for a term on the pleasure of the Monarch. They are responsible for maintaining law and order, security, etc. in the capital regions. Rajagriha, which is the capital of Purvanchal is also the national capital.

Flag Name Emblem City code Jurisdiction Official language(s) Leader
Flag of Rajagriha.svg Rajagriha Coat of arms of Rajagriha.svg RJG Purvanchal English, Hindi Mayor
Pierre Pellen
Flag of Brikshasthana.svg Brikshasthana Coat of arms of Brikshasthana.svg BKS Beltola English, Hindi Mayor
Chandan Das
Flag of Gotanagar.svg Gotanagar Gotanagar - CoA1.png GTN Uttaranchal English, Hindi Mayor
Sanghita Roy
Flag of Navanna.svg Navanna Navanna - CoA1.png NVN Madhya Prant English, Hindi Mayor
Reshmi Hazarika
Dadara-Flag.png Dadara Dadara - CoA1.png DDR Kamrupa English, Hindi Mayor
Sampriti Paul
Flag of Basistha City.svg Basistha City Basistha City - CoA1.png BSC Basistha English, Hindi Mayor
Chandan Das

Other territories

Flag Name Code Jurisdiction Location Type Official language(s) Leader
Flag of Chandrabans.svg Chandrabans CHB Federal Crown  India Crown Territory English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese Crown Representative
Princess Bishakha