Administrative divisions of Paloma

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Administrative divisions of the Free Socialist State of Paloma are the various recognized governing entities that together form Paloma – provinces, territories, reservations.

The primary first-level political division of Paloma is the province. There are 3 provinces, which are bound together in a union.

All provincial governments are modeled off the Federal government and Supreme Paloman

Provinces and their subdivisions


The primary political and administrative entity of Paloma is the Province. Two states—Pajaro and Tejabasco—call themselves "free provinces". The term doesn't reflect the political stance of the provinces.

The 3 Provinces of Paloma of are as follows (this list includes both the postal code abbreviation and the traditional abbreviation for each state):

Map of Paloma with provincial border lines. Note that Punto de Sal is shown at a different scale.

The 3 Provinces can be divided into regions in many different ways.

  • Metropolitan Paloma typically refers to the main block of 3 provinces in the midwestern region of North America.