Administrative divisions of Baránok

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Baránok is divided on three republics and two cities.

Claims of Baránok in Slovakia[a]


There are four republics in Baránok: Republic of School, Republic of New Pennsylvania, Republic of Ada Island and Republic of Riparian Woodlands. The largest from them is the fourth one, which forms more than a half of Baranese territory.


Three governors are the heads of the republics. They are appointed by the government every six months, that means when a new government is formed.


There are two cities in Baránok, Gyögiszertár and Goji. The capital is Gyögiszertár, which also has the most citizens (6). Goji has 3 citizens. Other people live near the Riparian Woodland, but it hasn't the classification of a town.


Mayors take care of the cities. They are elected every six months in local elections.


  1. Romanian territory is not there.