Isabella I, Empress of Bonumland

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Her Imperial Majesty
Isabella I
Imperatrix Maiestas
Empress and Autocrat of the Bonumlandians, Princess of Malinovia, Baroness of Blue Ridge, Duchess of Bonumis

Empress of Bonumland
Reign 13 December 2020 - present
Coronation 15 December 2020
Predecessor Azerianus Severanus (as President of Bonumland)
Prime Minister of Aswington
In office 25 June 2020 - present
Predecessor Babou Chkaya
Partner HRH Princess Cherokee
House Dillon
Father HIH Emperor Father Jeraby
Mother HIH Empress Mother Kia
Born 21 March 2006 (2006-03-21) (age 14)
PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, Vancouver, Washington

Addison Dillon, known by her monarchical name Isabella I or otherwise Lady Addison Dillon, Baron of Blue Ridge in Austenasia, is the Governor of Blue Ridge and Member of the Austenasian Police in Austenasia, and Empress of Bonumland. She has held various positions during her micronational career, including Princess of Malinovia, Minority Whip of the Georgienstine National Congress, Secretary of Justice of West River, Member of the Riveri National Assembly representing Ellisine, Member of the Bonumlandian Parliament representing Bonumis, and her current position, Governor of Blue Ridge.

Early life

Isabella was born in the state of Washington in 2006. The daughter of a former law professor, she demonstrated a profound interest in politics and history at a young age. Her inspiration for creating her first micronation came from a YouTube video detailing 10 micronations around the world, featuring various thereof, including Molossia, Sealand, Westarctica, and Hutt River. Following the viewing of this video, she founded the now-defunct Kingdom of Dillonia.

Personal life

Dillon suffers from Aspberger syndrome and PTSD. She is openly transgender, and is regularly involved with LGBTQ+ rights movements and demonstrations. She enjoys music as a hobby, and under the alias "Gloriax" has mixed and produced several pieces of music.

Micronational career

Presidential flag of the Republic of Bonumland.


Isabella assumed the presidency of the Republic of Bonumland on 1 November 2020. Upon being sworn in, she immediately reinstated the old Parliament, albeit with significant reforms, and established a Cabinet and a Court. Her re-election campaign focused on the creation of a robust national identity and developing a distinct culture. She lost re-election to the presidency to Azerianus Severanus but won a spot in the Parliament. She joined the Revolutionary National Collectivist Party shortly thereafter the parliamentary election, and she played a significant role in the passage of a bill which entered the government of Bonumland into a provisional period, in anticipation of a conversion to a constitutional monarchy. She became the Chair of the new provisional government at the point of its foundation.


Isabella joined Georgienstine on 2 July 2020, and subsequently founded the now-defunct Libertarian Party of Georgienstine. She launched a presidential campaign on 4 July 2020 to run against President Raphaël Olivier; Tukat Ætimak was her running mate. When Ætimak was banned from Georgienstine for creating an alleged trojan designed for IP scraping, she dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed Olivier.

During the July 2020 House of Representatives election, she won a seat with the Libertarian Party. Isabella and Olivier formed the United Right Coalition, intended to be an alliance between the parties against the Labour Party, and rebranded the party to the Conservative Party, giving it a new color scheme.

Isabella merged the Conservative Party with Movement for Socialism when she became a leftist, so as to comply with Georgienstinian law to keep her seat in the House of Representatives. Isabella was perhaps the biggest critic of the congressional merger bill, which merged both houses of Congress into a single, unicameral legislature. She wrote several bills addressing climate change and disproportionate representation in Congress, most of which were struck down by the Georgienstine First majority; she later wrote that it was "shameful of Georgienstine First to vote against a bill which would have created new protocols for directly addressing the threat of climate change" and how "Georgienstine First is turning against democracy itself".

Isabella taking a ceremonial oath of office shortly after being appointed Governor of Blue Ridge.

Isabella soon left Movement for Socialism and established the New Democratic Party with congressman Roy Jackson and congressman Ariel Albert Lederman after expressing dissatisfaction with MfS leadership. She once again announced her candidacy for president, and will face Roy Jackson and Renzo Wessels in the presidential primary.

Other micronations

Isabella became one of the first new citizens of the West River Confederation upon its founding on 10 October 2020. She was appointed interim Secretary of Justice by President Benjamin Pickles, and was confirmed permanently to the position on 22 November 2020. She won a seat in the National Assembly from Ellisine as a member of the West River Greens during the October assembly election. Isabella is rather inactive in West River.

On 12 July 2020, Isabella proposed the establishment of an Austenasian territory. On 19 July 2020, the Austenasian Parliament passed Act 185, granted Imperial Consent on 20 July 2020, establishing the Austenasian territory of Blue Ridge. Isabella was subsequently acclaimed as governor of Blue Ridge, and was granted the noble title of "Baron of Blue Ridge" by Emperor Jonathan I. She also was granted a post in the Austenasian Police.

Isabella's position on the political compass.

Political views

Isabella's views generally align with those of a left-libertarian or a progressive, with democratic socialism and social progressivism being the tenants of her ideological beliefs. She describes herself as a social democrat. She supports a mixed economy, a robust system of social security, government regulation of big enterprise, and progressive taxation. She employs populist tactics during campaigns and during her terms in office.

Micronationally, Isabella considers herself a moderate secessionist. She joins center to center-left parties that support populism and progressivism. She is typically republican but supports monarchism in Bonumland, and believes in a unitary system of government. Her governing style she calls "Culpism" is based on the philosophy of Loren Culp, candidate for Governor of Washington, outlining a "three test system" for decision-making.

Titles, styles, and award honors


20 July 2020 – present
Heraldic Crown of an Austenasian viscount(ess).svg Baroness of Blue Ridge


Styles of nobility and royalty

  • w:United States 21 March 2006 – present: Addison Dillon
  • Federation of Dillonia April 2016 – 3 April 2018: Her Majesty, the Queen of Dillonia
  • State of Malinovia 3 April 2018 - 7 July 2020: Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Malinovia
  • Free Republic of Florania 10 July 2020 - 13 September 2020: Her Excellency, the President of Florania
  • Republic of Bonumland 1 November 2020 - 26 November 2020: Her Excellency, the President of Bonumland
  • Austenasia 20 July 2020 - present: Lady Addison Dillon, Baroness of Blue Ridge
  • State of Malinovia 11 December 2020 - present: Her Serene Highness, the Princess of Malinovia
  • Republic of Bonumland 13 December 2020 - present: Her Imperial Majesty, the Empress of Bonumland

Full style

Her Serene Highness and Imperial Majesty, Isabella I, in Christ the God, his Deputy, Empress and Autocrat of the Bonumlandians, Princess of Malinovia, Baroness of Blue Ridge, Duchess of Bonumis, Matriarch of the Royal House of Dillon, Lady in Pensacola, Great Queen in Florida, Dame of the Most Excellent Order of the Eagle, Dame of the Order of the Empress, Member of the Bonumlandian Order


Foreign honours


I don't know if we will be successful, but I'll tell them this: we will fight in the hills and on the streets, we will fight on the beaches and landing grounds, we will fight on the fields and in woods, we will fight in air and sea, we will fight in the deserts; we will never surrender!

— Isabella I, 2019

I like women how I like my coffee; I don't like it.

— Isabella I, 2020

The greatest minds on earth have came and went, granting us access to great truths and knowledge. Yet, even with all the information and research we have available, we have not been able to discover what preceded the Big Bang.

— Isabella I, 2020