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The '''Adamic''' or '''celestial language''' is the official language of the [[Holy Kingdom of Deseret]] and the state-sponsored [[Restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints]] (RLDS). The language, which is believed by church members to have been a divine proto-language predating human speech, has been partially recreated by the Church's [[Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (Deseret)|Quorum of the Twelve Apostles]] and [[President of the Holy Kingdom of Deseret|Prophet-President]] [[Cowdery Young]] from nineteenth-century Mormon documents. For instance, the Adamic words for God (''Ahman'') and angels (''Anglo-man'') are taken from the writings of Church leader [[w:Orson Pratt|Orson Pratt]].
Due to the highly limited vocabulary of the present Adamic language, [[w:American English|American English]] (rendered in the [[w:Deseret alphabet|Deseret alphabet]]) is largely utilized in its place.
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