Adam I, Emperor of Adammia

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Adam I
His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I
Imperator Adammiae I
Adam I in Tytannia
Emperor of Adammia
Reign 13th April 2013 - present
Coronation Not crowned
Predecessor Throne established
Prime Minister Jayne Belcher (2013 - present)
Archduke of West Adammia
Position held 6th May 2013 - present
Preceded by Position established
Lord Chancellor of the State of Adammia
Position held 1st September 2013 - present
Preceded by Position established
Minister of the Adammic Imperial Province
Held office 20th July 2013 - present
Elected 20th July 2013
Preceded by Vacant from 30th June 2013, position established
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Held position 1st September 2013 - present
Preceded by Position established
Spouse Unmarried
House House of Belcher
Father Kevin, Emperor Father of Adammia, Duke of the Adammic Imperial Province
Mother Jayne, Emperor Mother of Adammia
Born 19 February 1998 (age 15)
Religion Atheism

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I, also known as Adam Belcher in the UK is the first and to date only Emperor of the Empire of Adammia. He is the Founder of the nation, as he first created it on the 13th of April 2013. He has de facto been Emperor since that date and de jure been so since the 19th of April 2013. Since then he has acquired a number of extra positions such as the Archduke of West Adammia, Minister of the Adammic Imperial Province and the Empire's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Citizenship, along with being Adammia's Lord Chancellor. He is also a citizen of Burnham.

Early life

Adam Belcher was born on the 19th of February 1998 to Kevin and Jayne Belcher. He started school in 2002. Shortly after the birth of his brother, Jake Belcher (the future Prince Jake of Adammia) in 2004, Adam created a fictional country called Jakeland, of which Jake was the King and he was the Prime Minister. Jakeland was said to be situated on the Bajacalifornian peninsula in Mexico. This country had sporadic bursts of activity ending around 2012. It was never officially dissolved.

Adam came very close to starting a micronation-like entity around 2011, when he made up a game with his brothers where their bedrooms were countries and they would wage war with toy soldiers. The idea was dropped after it deemed unfeasible to keep the game going for a long period of time. No records of this game exist other than Adam's own testimony.

Emperor of Adammia


On the 12th of April 2013, while researching for history homework, Adam discovered micronationalism via Wikipedia. The exact sequence of events leading up to the creation of Adammia are unclear, but it is known that by the evening of the 13th of April, Adam's bedroom was claimed independant from the United Kingdom, with the first paper Adammia flag hanging on the wall. From this point forward he was the de facto Emperor of Adammia. On the 15th of April, Adam wrote the first draft of the Supreme Directive, and the final version was 'ratified' by Sir Alex of Poole, the only other citizen at that time. From this point onwards, Adam was de jure the Emperor of Adammia. Adam is yet to have a coronation.

Absolute Monarch

For the first two months of his reign, Emperor Adam ruled as an absolute monarch. During this period, he expanded the Empire massively from its early state, annexing Tytannia, Sapientia and Maternia in April 2013 as well as expanding the Adammic Imperial Province from the original bedroom to the entire property. He founded the Military, the Treasury, and designed many of Adammia's official symbols. In May, he led the Military during its first engagement at the Skirmish of Tytannia, as well as entering Adammia into the Grand Unified Micronational. He appointed himself Archduke of West Adammia around this time. In June, his alliance with the Ordo Vladius led to a large population boost, and he also created the state media.

Constitutional Monarch

Towards the end of June 2013, Emperor Adam wrote a brand new Supreme Directive, which he presented on state TV on the 23rd of June in a press conference. Under the laws of the existing Supreme Directive, a new fundamental law would require the approval of the people, so Adam organised Adammia's first public referendum on the 30th of June. The public unanimously proclaimed this new Supreme Directive and as a result he sacrificed his status of an absolute monarch. Now an executive constitutional Monarch, his Decrees were now subject to the scrutinity of the Ruling Council.

However, this did not slow down his micronational career. He won the local election to become Minister of the Adammic Imperial Province, started the ID card project, and signed Adammia's first treaty with Burnham in July. Since then he has written and presented all the Acts passed by Council. In August he annexed Creatuxia, Adammia's first colony, represented the Empire at the Insomnia Gaming Festival 49, and oversaw the election of Prime Minister Jayne Belcher. In September he became the Lord Chancellor of State. He was responsible for an Imperial Decree recognising dozens of other nations, and he played a major part in setting up the Ministry of Finance's Contributions scheme. In October, his Sixteenth Decree overhauled many of his previous Decrees, making changes to the titles and styles system, changing the national sport, and privatising his YouTube channel, which up until that point had been state owned.


Adam's current full style:

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I of Adammia, Imperator Adammiae I, Archduke of West Adammia, Founder of Adammia, Minister of the Adammic Imperial Province, Grand Marshal of the Military of Adammia, Field Marshal of the Adammic Army, Grand Admiral of the Adammic Navy, Air Chief Marshal of the Adammic Air Force, Colonial Liaison Secretary, Lord Chancellor of the State of Adammia, Adammic Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adammic Minister of Citizenship, and Sovereign of the Order of Adammia

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