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The Honourable Adam Noel Pablo Doros Flannery, 1st Marquess of Briarhill and Flannery is a Roscami Politician who is Vice President of Roscamistan, the incumbent Paramount Leader since the 29th of October 2021, was the 2nd First Secretary of State until the 21st of October 2021, is the Defence Secretary since the 29th of October 2021 and was the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs until the 21st October 2021, was born on the 11th of July 2008.He joined Roscamistan politics on the 23 of august 2021.He created the constitution of Roscamistan and the New Roscami governing system.

His Excellency the Honourable Colonel
Adam Flannery
The Vice President of Roscamistan, Paramount Leader, Foreign and Defence Secretaries, Administrative Officer of Mervustan, the Commander of the Mervustan Militia in the Province of Limerick
Vice President of Roscamistan
. 22nd of November 2021
President General Andrew Brotherton
Predecessor Culann Burke
4th Paramount leader
28 October 2021
President Andrew M.J. Brotherton
Predecessor Andrew Brotherton
4th Secretary of State for Defence(Roscamistan)
1st October 2021
President General Andrew Brotherton
Predecessor Christopher Waldron
Successor Adam Flannery{restored }
1st Administrative Officer Of Mervustan
19th September 2021
President General Andrew Brotherton
Premier Evan Irwin
David Moore
Predecessor Andrew Brotherton( As Governor of Mervustan) (May)
Successor Adam Flannery{restored
1st Commander of the Mervustan Militia
19 September 2021
President Andrew Brotherton
Predecessor office established
Successor Adam Flannery{restored }
Member of the House of Lords of the Kingdom of Roscam as 1st Marquess of Flannery
11th October 2021 to 3rd of November 2021
Prince Regent Andrew Brotherton
Predecessor seat established
Successor seat abolished as part of Reforms of November
2nd Paramount Leader
September 2021 to 21st October 2021
President Andrew Brotherton
Predecessor Kate Keady
Successor General Andrew Brotherton
3rd Minister of Foreign Affairs
29th of October 2021
President Andrew Brotherton
Predecessor Kate Keady
2nd First Secretary of State
. September 2021 to 21 October 2021
President General Andrew Brotherton
Predecessor General Andrew Brotherton
Successor Kate Keady
Personal information
Born August 2008
Galway City,County Galway,Ireland
Birth name Adam Noel Pablo Doros Flannery
Citizenship Republic of Roscamistan
Nationality Irish,Polish,Roscami
Other political
Roscamistan Freedom Party
Residence Mervustan Province
Occupation Public office holder
Profession Political,Military and Judicial Administration
Cabinet In Brotherton Cabinet
Committees The committee of The Embassy
Portfolio Paramount Leader, Commander of the Mervustan Militia, Secretary of Defence, Administrative Officer of Mervustan
Religion Roman Catholic Church
Website Micro wiki
Military service
Nickname(s) Grandmaster
Allegiance Roscamistan
Service/branch Roscamistan army
In service 2021-
Rank Colonel
Unit Mervustan Militia
Commands The Mervustan Militia
Battles/wars None yet
Awards The Order of the Count of Purple

Early and Personal life

Early life

Adam was born in Galway City, to an Irish father and a Polish mother, he grew up close to Mervue. His primary education was in Gaelscoil Dara, the same school that General Andrew Brotherton, he developed a friendship with Andrew, a friendship that stands firm today.

Personal life

Adam Flannery is a Roman Catholic. His interests include strategy games, board games, videogames, Roscami politics, Sports etc.

Time in Roscami Politics

He started small as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs to Comrade Kate keady, but soon climbed the political ladder to be the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, a Major later Colonel in the Roscamistan ground forces, chief recruiter of Roscamistan, Commander of the Mervustan militia, First Secretary of State and finally Paramount Leader under President General Andrew Brotherton.He also Vice President of Roscamistan since the November elections.


Some of his contributions to the Republic have been: Creating the Constitution of Roscamistan and the New Roscami governing system, creating the Mervustan militia,reorganisation of the military and has future plans for a Roscamistan embassy, a Roscamistan fund program and planning future events such as : rally’s,congregations of the Reichstag, and other informal and formal events.

Powers executive and legislative

executive powers

Adam has a wide range of powers in the executive branch, directing the Central Committee of the Roscamistan Freedom Party as it’s First Secretary, and shall assume the First Secretariat of the new Roscamistan United Party, the merger of the Roscamistan Freedom Party, Labour Party of Roscamistan and the Liberal-Democratic Party on the 1st of December 2021.He also holds the Paramount leadership Ex officio by being the First Secretary.

Adam is also head of the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence as both the Secretary of both departments, giving him two departments which manage most, if not all the Defence and Foreign Affairs concerns in the nation.

Legislative powers

Adam is slated to become the first interim Speaker of the Unterhaus on the 1st of December 2021, and also shall become an MP for Mervustan, the first be elected for the Province.