Acts of Sfatul in Verd'land

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Acts, decrets and other types of documents are laws passed by Sfatul of Verd'land (or its predecessor – Rixdag of Vladislavia)

Vladislavian acts

Logo of Rixdag

All of them are annulled and haven't function in new Verd'landian state.

474 (2017-2018)

  • Aktul №1 (01.05) – Aktul dэ Sэlfїmaruar (Act of Self-Aggrandisement)
  • Aktul №2 (19.05) – Aktul dэ Annaruar Mirtўnelor (Act of Mirtyn abolishment)
  • Aktul №3 (20.07) – Aktul dэ Deklaratuar Varilor (Act of war declaration)
  • Aktul №4 (20.08) – Leradiї Aktul in namul dэ reforma sprigilor (Escorting act in name of language reformation)
  • Argatuar №1 (20.08) – Argatuar dẽ cariɩ geresul (Accepting of state coat of arms)
  • Dekretul №1 (02.10) – Dekretul dẽ rekuonar Katalonilor (Decree of Catalonia recognizing)
  • Dekretul №2 (16.10) – Dekretul avul cỹvituar (Decree about citizenship)
  • Aktul №5 (25.12) – Aktul dẽ annaruar Sekulɩarilor und korretuar dẽ cariɩ simvolɩat (Act of Sekulɩar's abolishment and correction of state symbols)
  • Aktul №6 (09.02) – Aktul dẽ timpuliɩ assocỹonuar carilor vito Unitẽrỹɩ Štatat Akkermanilor (Act of temporary association of state with United States of Akkerman)