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Flag of Accentra Ikonian:πχῖχῖkòiorlorπ
Administrative centerUvenia, Ikonia
GovernmentEnvironmental non-profit agency under an avidist council
• Missionar
Cameron I
• Collective Council President
• Royally ruled in
14 January 2019

The Missionar and Collective Council of Accentra, more commonly shortened as Accentra, is a collective body of micronations with the goal to end pollution and support the world environmentally. It also exists as a platform to aid in the formation of micronational environment agencies, and to develop members and their nations into more resourceful and non-wasteful. It was ruled in by Cameron I on 14 January 2019.

The Collective Council of Accentra act like a parliament and host "missions" to try and establish more environmentally-friendly resources in their foreign country.

Vote for Collective Council President

The vote is scheduled to begin of 25 March 2019, and end on the 30 March 2019. There are currently no nations or persons in the campaign race.