Abeldane National Union

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Nationalist Federalist Party of Abelden
LeaderAlejandro Whyatt
Deputy LeaderAlexander Von Habsburg-Donau-Flandern-Lothringen
Founded27 November 2017
Membership  (2018)8
IdeologyRight-wing populism
Third Position
Political positionRight-Wing
Official colors    
Cabinet positions
3 / 10
Seats in the Reichsversammlung
4 / 17

The National Federalist Party is a Centre-Right to Right-Wing political party in the Abeldane Empire. It was formed by Alejandro Whyatt and Michael T. Brazeau after the latter's exclusion from the Federalist Party in November, 2017.

The party is currently part of the Opposition in the Reichsversammlung, where it has 1 seat. It intends to field a list of candidates, as well as Vorsitzender and Stellvertreter candidates at the December Election.

National Federalist Party

December Election: The three week old Nationalist party was able to garner 8 1st preferential votes giving them 17.4% of the vote. The party would gain 2 new members between the time of the RVS vote and the that of the Vortsitzender and Stellverter vote. The Vorsitzender election gave 12 1st preferential votes to leader Whyatt and 5 votes to Deputy of the party Michael Brazaue. The NFP made an election agreement with the URP and so were made the coalition government. With Whyatt being given the Foreign Ministership and Nikola Jovanovic(party chairman) being given the newly created Guilds Commission as it was the NFP’s election promise.

Aftermath: In the wake of the election the NFP had a defection from newly elected ANIP MP, Alex Hapsburg. This move was but a week after the election and had calls from many sides for the seat to be given to an ANIP candidates. In the end Hapsburg resigned the seat and an ANIP candidate was allowed to take the seat. At the same time the Emeror took away ANIP’s extra seat. Shortly after, Michael Brazaue was suspended from the party with his role as deputy being given to Hapsburg. Not long after this, Michael public ally attacked the party and Whyatt(calling him a peadophile) and gave up his membership.

April Elections: The NFP lead the polls for many weeks garnering between 30% and 40% of the vote regularly. The party doubled its votes from 8 to 16 which represented a 15.9% increase on the Decmber election results. The April election showed the NFP to be the only party to increase on its vote share.

The NFP gained the highest share of the vote of any single un-merged party in the history of RVS elections at 33.3% of the vote. It also represents the largest vote-share for any right of centre party and is the only Right of centre party in Abelden.

Election History

RVS ELECTIONS: December Election: 17.4% 3 seats April Election:33.3% 5 seats



The National Federalist Party of Abelden has its core belief as Abeldane Nationalism. It has a resolve for democracy as was shown in their outward calls for a GUM referendum since conception. The party believes in a new self-proclaimed ideology of a "Greater Abelden" and have committed to a "Greater Abelden Policy(GAP)" within government. As part of this they believe in Abelden engaging in the community as well as asserting itself within the community. The party is strongly behind the rule of the current Emperor and its position. The party is strongly behind the democratisation and re-engagement of the states and is the only party in Abelden with a clear party line on the issue.

Party Logo: The Party logo of the axes represents several things. The party is made up of two wings. The First and the Second. With the Deputy Leader and Party Chairman in charge of each respectively. The axes also signify the strength of the NFP in being a party of Action. It more over represents Freedom over violence. It also signifies the NFP fervour for defending both the States and the Monarchy. Both working hand in hand, hence the axes are crossed and not seperated.


The NFP believes that Abeldane should look towards the possibility of implementing an economic system. In it's 2017 December Manifesto it proposed to created an Economic Policy Committee to seek the possibility for this to be realised within the nation. In broader terms the party believes in neither left or right economics and simply believes in "Nationalist economics" as being an ardent adherent to either Keynesian or Monetarism will always hurt the people.

Foreign policy

Caudio(Leader) of the NFP and current Foreign Minister of Abelden has untertaken a policy of re-call and renewal of all treaties and alliances which Albelden holds. To streamline and solidify Abelden's foreign relations. Under his tenure the Abelden Foreign Policy Forum was created to be better able to interact with Albedlen's allies and friends. Caudio Whyatt also came up with the Greater Abelden Policy(GAP) which is the idea of Abelden re-engaging with the community post the vote to leave the GUM. To re-engage but importantly to reassert itself as a driving force within the community.

Greater Abelden Policy

The "GAP" was created by Caudio of the party Alejandro Whyatt. It represents a re-assertion of Abelden within the community. To become a key player and more interactive nation. The NFP believe they can achieve this through comprehensive measures within the government through legislature and drives. This policy encompasses the idea to increase citizenship, increase activity levels and in foreign policy through better and more meaningful relations with ally's.

Democratisation of the Federal States