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{{Infobox Royalty
| type = monarch
| name = Aaron I
| native name =
| title =
| image = Eniarku royal coa.png
| imgw = 200px
| succession = [[Monarchy of Eniarku|King of]] [[Kingdom of Eniarku|Eniarku]]<br>Grand Duke of Shaw<ref>Grand Duke of Shaw from 25 December [[2015]] onwards.</ref><br><small>([[Monarchy of Eniarku#Titles and styles|more...]])</small>
| reign = 5 August [[2015]] - present
| reign-type = Reign
| coronation = 10 March [[2017]] (tentative)
| predecessor = ''Monarchy declared''
| succession1 =
| reign1 =
| reign-type1 =
| predecessor1 =
| successor1 =
| succession2 =
| reign2 =
| reign-type2 =
| predecessor2 =
| succession3 =
| reign3 =
| reign-type3 =
| succession4 =
| reign4 =
| reign-type4 =
| predecessor4 =
| successor4 =
| era dates = [[Kingdom of Eniarku#Contemporary era|Era of Re-Emergence]] (5 Aug 2015 - )
| house = [[House of Abbott|Abbott]]
| house-type = House
| father = Todd of Abbott
| mother = Virginia, the Queen Mother
| date of birth = {{birth date and age|1997|08|05|df=y}}
| place of birth = [[w:Michigan|Michigan,]] [[w:United_States|USA]] [[File:Flag of the United States.png|border|25px]]
| religion = [[w:Agnosticism|Agnostic]]
| monuments =
'''Aaron I''' (born Aaron Alexander; 5 August 1997-) is the first and current [[Monarchy of Eniarku|King of Eniarku]] and its [[w:Dominion|dominions]]. Prior to his accession in [[2015]], Aaron served as [[w:Head_of_state|head of state]] of all previous incarnations of the state, leading Eniarku through various periods of development both domestically and within the [[MicroWiki|MicroWiki Community]].
Aaron formally established Eniarku as a republic in May [[2009]], becoming the small nation's first and only president. Soon after, he would go on to become the [[Supreme Executive Commissioner of Eniarku|Supreme Executive Commissioner of the]] [[Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku]], as well as concurrently serve as the [[Prime Minister of the North American Confederation|Prime Minister of the]] [[North American Confederation]] from late [[2010]] until April [[2011]]. Aaron then established the short-lived [[Empire of Eniarku]], ascending that nation's throne as emperor; he later served as [[Federal President of Eniarku|Federal President of the]] [[Eniarkian Confederation]], the longest-lasting incarnation of Eniarku to date, before establishing the current [[Monarchy of Eniarku|monarchy]] on 5 August [[2015]].
As the founder of the [[Kingdom of Eniarku]], as well as the House of Abbott, the dynastic line of Eniarkian succession legally stems from him (as dictated in the ''Abbott Family Pact''). Aaron is the eldest of three brothers and of his immediate cousins, and therefore they follow him in the order of succession. Older members of the nobility (i.e. parents of first cousins to the king, who would be the king's aunts and uncles, or his parents and grandparents) are often placed lower in the line of succession, or sometimes excluded entirely. Aaron has served in the [[Eniarkian Armed Forces]] since their inception in [[2009]] with the creation of the republic, though since ascending to the throne, his role in combat has been almost completely done away with. He does, however, participate in many public and ceremonial engagements with the Armed Forces, and serves as the [[w:Commander_in_chief|Commander-in-Chief]].
Aaron's reign has seen the revival of Eniarkian culture and political life, as well as the transition from ''de facto'' dictatorial politics to much more [[Politics of Eniarku|constitution ones]] bound by the [[w:Rule_of_law|rule of law]]. The establishment of the [[Kingdom of Eniarku|kingdom]] and [[Monarchy of Eniarku|monarchy]] brought with it a new era of Eniarkian involvement in the [[MicroWiki|Community]], as well as the hope of the reignition of micronationalism in the [[w:North_American|North American sector]].
==Early life==
Aaron I was born at Sinai Hospital near the former seat of government, Vicis, on 5 August 1997. His father was formerly a member of the nobility until he was stripped of all titles, though he was permitted to remain an official member of the House of Abbott by the king, and is the son of the current Earl of Melchin and deceased Duchess of Eryia, the king's paternal grandparents. His mother, the current Queen Mother, is the middle child of the Duke and Duchess of Palmaire, the king's maternal grandparents.
He has been described as very self-driven and enthusiastic, and maintains a passion for music, playing piano since age seven and other wind instruments since age ten.
==Micronational career==
Aaron established the Republic of Eniarku on 29 May [[2009]], installing himself as president. From then on, he would serve as the [[w:Head_of_state|head of state]] for all of the incarnations of Eniarku, including Supreme Executive Commissioner of the [[Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku|DPRE]], Emperor of the [[Empire of Eniarku]], and [[Federal President of Eniarku|Federal President of the]] [[Eniarkian Confederation]]. He would also serve as the [[Prime Minister of the North American Confederation]] [[North American Confederation]] during the state's early stages from late [[2010]] to mid-[[2011]].
In its early life, Aaron was instrumental in the establishment of Eniarku as a reputable state within the [[MicroWiki|MicroWiki sphere]]. Though initially created as a social experiment, the nation would go on to become an influential force in the [[w:North_America|North American sector]], forging everlasting ties with the [[Empire of New Europe]] and its monarch, [[Wilhelm I]]. He would also serve as the driving force behind furthering Eniarku's diplomatic relations, namely to the [[Empire of Austenasia]] and the [[Republic of Molossia]].
Aaron, as the head of Eniarku throughout its life, has also acted as a guiding and stabilizing force for the nation in times of crisis or inactivity. Although he has taken control of the state as a ''de facto'' dictator from time to time, the Eniarkian people still seem to retain a very high level of respect for the statesman.
==Titles, styles, honours and arms==
{{Infobox Eniarku Monarch Style
|image=[[File:Aaron cypher.png|100px]]
|royal name=Aaron I
|dipstyle=His [[w:Majesty|Majesty]]
|offstyle=Your Majesty
===Titles and styles===
* '''29 May 2009 – 15 February 2010:''' ''His Excellency'' President of the Republic
* '''15 February 2010 – 18 May 2011:''' ''Comrade'' Hero of the Fatherland
* '''18 May 2011 – 24 October 2011:''' ''His Most Imperial and Royal Highness'' Emperor and Lord of all the Eniarkus
* '''24 October 2011 – February 2013:''' ''His Excellency'' Federal President of the Eniarkian Confederation
* '''5 August 2015 –:''' ''His Majesty'' The King
** ''in Shaw:'' '''25 December 2015 –:''' ''His Serene Highness'' The Grand Duke of Shaw
** ''in Maide:'' '''25 December 2015 –:''' ''His Grace'' The Stadtholder of Maide
** ''in Numa:'' '''25 December 2015 –:''' ''His Excellency'' The Lord of Numa
On 16 November 2015, [[Parliament of Eniarku|Parliament]] passed the ''Royalty, Nobility and Honours Act'', which officially regulates titles of the [[Monarchy of Eniarku|royalty and nobility]] along with the ''Abbott Family Pact'', the [[w:House_law|house law]] of the [[House of Abbott]].
===Full style===
According to current law, the monarch of Eniarku is officially titled the ''King of Eniarku'', and may also use other titles historically or currently associated with the Crown or state. Aaron's official full title, as provided for in various Orders-in-Council, is:
: ''His Majesty The King of Eniarku, King of Palma, August, Vicis, Mosinee, Grand Duke of Shaw, Prince of Abbott, Duke of Palmaire, Norton, Postulo, Ibitea, Eryia, Earl of Dolonburg, Lancadire, Gelf-Brine, Melchin, Stadtholder of Maide, Lord of Numa, Supreme Commander of the Royal Armed Forces, Grand Master of the Most Noble Order of the King's Crown, Sovereign of the Order of Eniarku, Head of the Most Royal House of Abbott''
===Honours and awards===
:''See also: [[Awards and decorations of Eniarku]]''
The king's domestic honours and awards prior to the [[Eniarkian Confederation]] are no longer acknowledged in his official titles. As the "fount of honour" of the state, the [[Monarchy of Eniarku|Sovereign]] serves as head of the nation's heraldic orders, most notably as Grand Master of the Most Noble Order of the King's Crown, the highest award granted in the [[Kingdom of Eniarku|kingdom]].
====Domestic honours====
* [[File:Eniarku flag 2015.png|border|25px]] Grand Master of the Order of the King's Crown
* [[File:Eniarku flag 2015.png|border|25px]] Sovereign of the Order of Eniarku
* [[File:Eniarkian Confederation Flag.png|border|25px]] Doctorate in Juridical Science
* [[File:Eniarkian Confederation Flag.png|border|25px]] Master's Degree in Political Science
====Foreign honours====
* [[File:Flag of Austenasia.png|border|25px]] Member of the Austenasian Order
* [[File:Flag of Amager.png|border|25px]] Knight of the Amagerian Parliamentary Medal of Freedom
* [[File:Flag of angador.png|border|25px]] Knight of the Royal Order of Saint Christopher
{{Main|Coat of arms of Eniarku}}
The '''[[Coat of arms of Eniarku|royal coat of arms of Eniarku]]''' are, "''Quarterly, I A field of six strips bendy sinister Argent and Gules; II and IV Or a lion rampant on a field of seven strips barry light Azure and Argent; III Vert a bend atop a bend Sable on a field light Or.''" The supporters are two crowned golden lions, and surrounding the shield is a blue ribbon bearing the medal of the Order of the King's Crown. The shield is topped with the royal crown, and the entirety of which is placed on a golden platform over mantling, surmounted by the royal crown once more.
<gallery caption="" widths="200px" heights="200px" perrow="6" align="center">
File:Eniarku royal coa.png|<center>Royal coat of arms of the king
File:EN greater coa.png|<center>Coat of arms of Eniarku
File:Aaron cypher.png|<center>Aaron's royal monogram
==See also==
{{s-hou|[[House of Abbott]]}}
{{s-bef|before=Monarchy established}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Monarchy of Eniarku|King of Eniarku & the Realm]]|years=5 August 2015 - ''present''}}
{{s-bef|before=''No previous claimant''}}
{{s-ttl|title=<small>— TITULAR —</small><br> ''[[North American Monarchy|Emperor of North America]]''<br> <small>''([[House of Abbott|Abbottist claim]])''</small>|years=15 February 2017 - 20 February 2017}}
{{s-aft|after=''Claim abandoned''}}
{{s-bef|before=Monarchy established}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Empire of Eniarku|Emperor and Lord of All the Eniarkus]]|years=18 May 2011 - 24 October 2011}}
{{s-aft|after=Monarchy disestablished}}
{{s-bef|before=Grand duchy established}}
{{s-ttl|title=Grand Duke of Shaw|years=18 November 2015 - ''present''}}
{{s-bef|before=Lordship established}}
{{s-ttl|title=Lord of Numa|years=25 December 2015 - ''present''}}
{{s-bef|before=Stadtholdership established}}
{{s-ttl|title=Stadtholder of Maide|years=25 December 2015 - ''present''}}
{{s-bef|before=Office established}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Federal President of Eniarku]]|years=24 October 2011 - 8 January 2012}}
{{s-aft|after=''Himself, as King of Eniarku''}}
{{s-bef|before=Office established}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Prime Minister of the North American Confederation]]|years=28 November 2010 - 28 April 2011}}
{{s-aft|after=[[Joseph Marx]] <small>(after reestablishment)</small>}}
{{s-bef|before=''Himself, as President of Eniarku''}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Supreme Executive Commissioner of Eniarku]]|years=15 February 2010 - 18 May 2011}}
{{s-aft|after=''Himself, as Emperor of Eniarku''}}
{{s-bef|before=Eniarku established}}
{{s-ttl|title=President of Eniarku|years=29 May 2009 - 15 February 2010}}
{{s-aft|after=''Himself, as Supreme Executive Commissioner of Eniarku''}}
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