ASEA Tourism Company

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The ASEA tourism company is a government agency for the management of tourism in the ASEA national territory.

Company Logo


  • Establish Haciko and Hilarya hotel stations
  • Start projects with the antarctic travel companies
  • Establish museums in major historic sites
  • Organize guided tours to places of natural and historical interest
  • Organize hiking and snowmobile
  • Establish ski station with an attached bar, restaurant, hotel.
  • Organize cruises in the South Shetland Islands, in the Weddell Sea and the coast of Queen Maud Land
  • Set the spa at Pendulum Cove



The current administrator is Johnny Lanfrit.

Other members

  • Anghela Stoppa
  • Leonardo Rotondi
  • Massimiliano Iacchetti
  • Johnathan McCoy

Contact (=> Pendulum Cove SPA)