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Aenopian Aeronautical Agency

Establishment 5 July 2019
Jurisdiction Science and Technology Department
Chief Administrator HIH Logan I Emperor of the Empire of Aenopia and her Dependencies
Headquarters New Llandudno, Port Machynlleth
Affliation Empire of Aenopia and her Dependencies
Next Planned Launch TBC
Flights 2
Current Program(s)
  • Nova Project
Employees 1

The Aenopian Aeronautical Agency (AAA) is the Empire of Aenopia and her Dependencies's dedicated Space Agency. It's currently run by the Emperor himself, and funding is granted via the Science and Technology Department in Aenopia.


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AAA was first founded by The Emperor himself on 5 July 2019 with the intention of setting up a space and aeronautics research corporation for Aenopia. The first rocket was launched on the same day under the Nova I series of rockets, designated as Nova I-001. The launch was, however, a failure following the rocket blowing up after takeoff. During a post-incident investigation, it was announced that the fault was caused by the low quality tinfoil bursting from the high pressure built up inside (something which is intended with the design of rocket).

Following inactivity within the agency, it was decided following the revitalisation of Awyren 5 Project to design an Experimental High Speed Rocket-Aircraft for scientific purposes. It was also announced that Nova I would be retired in December 2019 with only 2 completed launches under its name, however it has been reported that at least 1 more flight has been booked before the date.


AAA currently has 2 projects under development, the Nova Project which aims to build a large multistage rocket capable of reaching high altitudes and E-11a Rocket-Powered Aircraft intended for high altitude/high speed flights for scientific purposes. The Institution also has plans for a weather system to provide the Empire with Partially Accurate results.

AAA Missions and Projects
Name Start Date End Date Mission
Nova I July 2019 December 2019 First rocket launch in Aenopia.
E-11a Experimental High Speed Rocket-Aircraft December 2019 TBC Conduct Scientific experiments, break Micronational Speed and Altitude Records
Nova II January 2020 May 2020 (?) Multistage rocket, test solid fuels
Nova III July 2020 Early 2021 Utilisation of Flight Computers, testing of pressurised capsule, attempt at 700ft
Nova IV Mid 2021 Late 2021 Launch of Non-Sentient organism to 1000ft
Nova V 2022 TBC First liquid-fuelled rocket, launch of Non-Sentient organism to 2500ft
AAA Launch Vehicles
Vehicle Designed Introduced Retired Capability Notes
Nova I July 2019 July 5 2019 December 2019 20ft, no payload Aenopia's First Rocket Launched.
E-11a Experimental High Speed Rocket-Aircraft November 2019 TBC, small payload ~35g