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Aenopian Aerospace Administration
AAA logo 2.png
AAA's logo
Agency overview
FormedJuly 5, 2019; 19 months ago (2019-07-05)
Preceding agency
  • Established
TypeSpace agency
HeadquartersNew Aberdare
Logan Ross
Primary spaceports
Owner Aenopia

The Aenopian Aerospace Administration (AAA; //) is an independent agency of the Aenopian Government responsible for the civilian space program, focusing specifically on aeronautics and space research. AAA was established in 2019, following the first launch of the Nova I rocket. The primary goal of the Aenopian Aerospace Administration is to further advance scientific and aeronautic research in the interest of the Empire of Aenopia.


Nova I-001 after its unsuccessful flight on 5 July 2019. The Nova I would set the stage for future Aenopian launchers.

AAA was first founded by Logan Ross on 5 July 2019 with the intention of setting up a space and aeronautics research corporation for Aenopia. The first rocket was launched on the same day under the Nova I series of rockets, designated as Nova I-001. The launch was, however, a failure following the rocket blowing up after takeoff. During a post-incident investigation, it was announced that the fault was caused by the low quality tinfoil bursting from the high pressure built up inside (something which is intended with the design of rocket).

Following inactivity within the agency, it was decided following the revitalisation of Awyren 5 Project to design an Experimental High Speed Rocket-Aircraft for scientific purposes. It was also announced that Nova I would be retired in December 2019 with only 2 completed launches under its name, however it has been reported that at least 1 more flight has been booked before the date.


Since its foundateion in 2019, AAA's strategic goals have been:

  • Extend and sustain Aenopian activities in space
  • Expand scientific understanding of the Earth and the universe
  • Advance Aenopian aeronautics research
  • Share NASA with the public and foreign governments to provide opportunities to participate


AAA currently has 2 projects under development, the Nova Project which aims to build a large multistage rocket capable of reaching high altitudes and E-11a Rocket-Powered Aircraft intended for high altitude/high speed flights for scientific purposes. The Institution also has plans for a weather system to provide the Empire with Partially Accurate results.

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