A2 (Sirocco)

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A2 Sirocco.png
Province Cambria Flag.png Cambria
Length 44m
North M1 Sirocco.png M1 Alston Motorway
South A1 Sirocco.png A1 Hibiscus Street
Major junctions
Alston City PH13 Sirocco.png PH13 (Tomas Street)
Primary destinations Belmont, Alston Domain, Matauri, Alston

The A2 is a highway in the Siroccan roading network. It is located entirely within the city of Alston, Cambria and links the city with its western suburbs. The highway is identified on signage and maps with the standard green and orange box with A2 in orange type.

The A2 is a completely single carriageway highway for its 44m length. From its northern terminus at Belmont to its intersection with Commonwealth Avenue and Provincial Highway 13 in Matauri it is a grassed road; from Commonwealth Avenue to its terminus at Hibiscus Street it is concreted.


The A2 was created in November 2010. It originally ran along the Alston Motorway from Matauri Road (Exit 54) to Hibiscus Street (Exit 41), however in June 2011 the A1 was moved to follow the Alston Motorway in its entirety, and as a result the Belmont/Matauri section of the A1 was redesignated as the A2.