2021 MOF Games

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The 2021 MOF Games is the upcoming third annual Micronational Olympic Federation games which will be hosted by Posaf, El Dorado, and Iustus. The games will begin on 19 February 2021 and conclude on 7 March 2021.

2021 Intermicronational
Olympic Games
HostPosafgov.png Posaf
Nations participatingTBD
Athletes participatingTBD
Opening Ceremony19 February 2021
Closing Ceremony7 March 2021
Officially opened byTBD
Preceded by2020 MOF Games
Succeeded by2022 MOF Games

Host Nations

The 2021 eSports Games was supposed to be hosted by Posaf after their winning bid in the bidding process. However, following the tragic passing of Posaf delegate, and MOF Founder and President Nicholas Randouler, Posaf fell into disarray. Ultimately the MOF Commissioner Council voted that the 2021 games would be co-hosted by Posaf, Millania (now El Dorado), and Iustus.





Minecraft Archery

Minecraft Spleef

National Titles



Micronations Participating

Medal Table

Official Bids

Bidding Nation(s) Bid Logo Bid Confirmation
Slavistonia   8 August 2018
Arbreland   25 October 2018
Phokland   13 February 2019
New Eiffel   14 March 2019
Posaf   23 March 2019
Millania 1 May 2019

Bid voting

2020 MOF Games host election
Micronation Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Posaf 4 10 11
New Eiffel 4 4 11[a]
Slavistonia 6 3 -
Arbreland 4 3 -
Phokland 0 - -
Millania 0 - -


  1. First vote rule applies with Posaf getting 6 votes and New Eiffel getting 5 first votes.