2020 Kaz Cat Ambassador Election

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The 2020 Kaz Cat Ambassador Election was the first election held in Kaz

2020 Kazzian Cat Ambassador Election
Stanley kaz politics.jpeg
Baba Yaga kaz polotics.jpg
Baba Yaga
Kaz cat ambassador 2020.png
Election Results


The Election started at 5:00 November 22 2020, when 2 ballots were cast for Stanley. The Election would continue until 7pm the next day. With very few bumps, the winner was announced at 12:00 am on the 23 whe Stanley crossed the 7 person mark. Baba Yaga was resistant to concede, however the Pentumvirate confirmed the results at 4:00pm. Both candidates made appearances after the calling of the election. Stanley was paraded around, where as Baba Yaga refused to concede, growling a lot in an interview with Kaz News. Baba Yaga received support from Kaz it self, have very few victories in the states outside Kaz proper.