2020 Constantia Pact Chair election

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2020 Constantia Pact Chair election
CONPACT seal.png
25 October 2020 April 2021 →
  Casper (AI-Generated Portrait, 22 Capricornus 12020).png No-Photo-Available-240x300.jpg Hamilton Official Portrait 2020.png
Candidate Casper von Naveria Brayden Eaves Daniel Hamilton
Home state Flag of Naveria.svg Naveria CSA.svg CSA Flag of Australis.svg Australis
Popular vote 0 0 3
Percentage 0% 0% 75%
  No-Photo-Available-240x300.jpg No-Photo-Available-240x300.jpg
Candidate Max Baez David R. Easterling
Home state Garuda Vector.svg Garuda Flag of Babergh.png Babergh
Popular vote 0 1
Percentage 0% 25%

Chair before election

Position created

Elected Chair

Daniel Hamilton

The October 2020 Constantia Pact election was an election to select the first chair of the Constantia Pact. Daniel Hamilton won the election with a fifty percent majority, shortly thereafter assuming the office.

Due to the lack of a charter or legislation within the fledgling organisation, the election was conducted on an ad hoc basis. All members states primary delegations served as candidates, though only the Australissian and Babergn candidates received votes.


Two days prior to the election, on 23 October the Constantia Pact was founded as an intermicronational organisation populated by micronations associated with a social group named The Fun Gang. Up until the election, Daniel Hamilton served as the unofficial leader of the organisation through their ownership of both The Fun Gang chatroomm, and the discord server of the Pact.

In order to settle the matter of leadership, a swift ad hoc election was conducted on 25 October. All primary delegates of CONPACT member states were automatically entered into the ballot.[a] The election began and concluded that same day.


Name Delegation Party (if applicable) Campaign announcement date
Casper (AI-Generated Portrait, 22 Capricornus 12020).png
Casper von Naveria
Flag of Naveria.svg
Commonwealth of Naveria
Independent 25 October 2020[a]
Brayden Eaves
Confederate States of America
Independent 25 October 2020[a]
Hamilton Official Portrait 2020.png
Daniel Hamilton
Flag of Australis.svg
Unified Royal States of Australis
Independent 25 October 2020[a]
Max Baez
Garuda Vector.svg
Union of Garuda
Independent 25 October 2020[a]
David Easterling
Flag of Babergh.png
Free Hundred of Babergh
Independent 25 October 2020[a]


Flag of Australis.svg Daniel Hamilton Flag of Babergh.png David Easterling
3 1
See Notes.[b]



  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 Due to the ad hoc nature of the election, there was no formal nomination period or campaigning period. Candidates were automatically selected and placed on the electoral polls.
  2. The balloting for Von Naveria, Eaves and Baez is omitted from the table.