2020 Conservative Party of Baustralia leadership election

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2020 Conservative leadership election

4 April 2020
  John Timpson, 2018 pattern naval photo.jpg Aidan McGrath, 2018 pattern medic photo.jpg
Candidate Sir John Timpson Aidan McGrath

Previous Leader

Sir John Timpson

On the morning of 4 April 2020, a leadership election will be tabled in the House of Commons of Baustralia to all Conservative Party members. By the dismissal of the House, the second Leader of the Conservative Party will be elected.

The motion was commenced by Aidan McGrath, the Secretary of State for the Secret Service, for similar reasons to the 2019 vote of no confidence in the Timpson ministry, that the issues he addressed then are still not being fixed.

Speeches =

Aidan McGrath John Timpson

I, Aidan McGrath, should be Prime Minister over the Honourable Member for Holderton West, He has done nothing with this nation and his plans have either done nothing or he never passed them. I have done many things for this very nation. Some will have good and bad to say about me and my leadership one thing said, I myself get my stuff done. I respect the Honourable Prime Minister but he is holding a seat that can be used by an active working head of Government. May we also remember that he has made budget agreements and plans that have gotten us nowhere? Apologies, the Honourable Prime Minister, but I and others must have to agree on this and we need him to step down.